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3 Simple Things We Should Do More Often

With everything going on as a college student, were lucky enough if we remember to eat. Our lives our consumed with homework given by professors who assume their class is the only one were taking. When we finally have time to rest we get a notification from Blackboard that alerts us a new assignment has been posted. But as the philosopher Drake says, “You only live once.” So, do yourself a small favor, and try these three simple things:

1. Learn More

You may be thinking your brain cannot take on any more information while trying to ace your organic chemistry class, but learning something new doesn’t have to be a hard task. By learning something new about the world you are bettering yourself, which in return makes you a happy camper! The knowledge you learn doesn’t have to be facts, it can be perspectives, like being on instagram, and scrolling down the “Humans of New York” page to see how others live. Podcasts are fantastic too! Especially for all you commuters out there that get stuck in I-45 traffic, podcasts are a perfect way to entertain yourself while being in your car for an hour!


2. Forgive or Forget About the Past

Ain’t nobody got time for that! Your energy is too precious to waste on old problems. Bad relationships? Forget about it! Failed a test? It’s in the past. Got in a fight with a close friend? Forgive! Not only forgive others, but forgive yourself. Should you have eaten that entire pizza by yourself, probably not, but it’s okay and you’ll know better for next time. Every day on earth is another day to enjoy!

3. Do More

Although Netflix might be “bae”, believe it or not there is more to the world! Now that Fall has begun it is a perfect time to be outdoors. Go hiking, walk your dogs, or just stalk cute boys outside of Starbucks and soak up that vitamin C. Try something you’ve never done before, and you might surprise yourself on how much you enjoy it.

If you do these three simple things you’ll see a big difference in your day to day life! Take advantage of your youth, and find new passions, don’t live in regret, and seize the moment!

Thutrang, also known as Mimi, is a student at the Conrad N. Hilton College majoring in Hotel and Restaurant Management with an emphasis in Event Management. Ideally, she likes to explore in positive magnitudes whether it consists of social interactions or spiritual guidance. She is an open-minded person who is more than likely to find your sense of taste in music, conspiracies, clothes, dreams, study habits, etc. inspiring. 
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