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Ziwe Fumudoh and Janelle Monae held an online event to showcase Ziwe. The comedian debuted her new show that talks about social issues in America, complete with comedic relief. Singer Janelle Monae moderated the event and asked Ziwe questions about the show.

Janelle Monae and Ziwe bonded and emphasized their bubbly personalities, especially when they repeatedly called each other "iconic." The two carried the event with light-hearted conversations and compliments, and they discussed gender inequality, social injustice, and overall race issues that are taking over America. Though both hosts were quirky and fun, the topics of discussion were serious and foreshadowed the theme of Ziwe.

The event showed the trailer for the show, which gave an exciting overview of Ziwe's comedic and serious sides. Though she is spirited and effortlessly hilarious, she makes it known that she takes pride in talking about controversial and hard topics. The show is made to be intentionally awkward, so that the audience is made to feel uncomfortable by the problematic scenes. The first episode, titled "55%," is about the infamous "Karen" persona that is taking over America. The second episode is about beauty standards and how they drastically change overtime. Ziwe discusses these popular and difficult topics to emphasize the wrongs in our society all with a humorous, hyper-feminine, and lively personality. 

With hilarious sketches that emphasize serious topics, Ziwe is able to highlight how important comedic relief is in difficult conversations. The show is now streaming on Showtime, and episodes release every Sunday. 

Natalia Duron is a Journalism major with a minor in Film Studies and Communication Studies. She enjoys writing, drawing, reading, and listening to all genres of music. As a coffee lover, she loves to try new coffee recipes and visit local cafes.
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