Your Favorite Characters' Zodiac Signs

Do you have a hard time remembering the traits associated with each zodiac sign? Have you ever wondered what your favorite character's zodiac sign is? We've done the work for you so here are your favorite characters' zodiac signs. 

Aries = The Weasley Twins

Aries are fiery and impulsive just like the Weasley twins. What other sign would drop out of school by making a big scene and riding off on broomsticks?


Taurus = Belle 

Taurus are clever and stubborn just like Belle throughout Beauty and the Beast.


Gemini = Veronica Lodge

Sigh, Veronica is such a Gemini. She's always trying to be good, but she has her dark side. You never know when the dark side is going to come out. 


Cancer = Daenerys Targary

Dany is a leader, but she is also nurturing like a true Cancer. Honestly, I'm not surprised that the only person dragons listen to is a Cancer because Cancers are the moms of the zodiac. 


Leo = Peter Parker

Oh, Peter. Confident to fault. Loyal to Tony like he's his own son. Always in your face, but so lovable. 


Virgo = Ted Mosby

Virgos are extremely organized and kind of... pretentious. Virgos are the friend in the group who are always getting made fun of for their Virgo-ness just like Ted.


Libra = Cappie

As astrology buffs know, Cappie wears the Libra symbol on a necklace the entirety of Greek. Cappie is fair which makes him a good KTG president and a good Libra, and he's also a hopeless romantic like all Libras. 


Scorpio = Luke Danes

Luke Danes is a bit of a mystery throughout Gilmore Girls. He's also very intense which is exactly why Lorelai (and the rest of us) are drawn to this Scorpio. 


Sagittarius = Katniss Everdeen

Katniss is outspoken, adventurous and has a track record of being someone people like but who doesn't like anyone. Typical Sagittarius. 


Capricorn = Buffy Summers

Buffy is one of the most hardworking characters on TV and won't let anyone forget it. Probably just like a Capricorn you know. 


Aquarius = Phoebe Buffay

Phoebe is a little off her rocker sometimes, isn't she? But that's what makes her a lovable Aquarius. Eccentric, independent, and friendly–Phoebe is the kind of Aquarius friend you want to have around. 


Pisces = Eleven

Eleven doesn't exactly think with logic most of the time. She's known to acting out when she's sad or mad which is such a Pisces move. She's also compassionate and a good friend which is what makes her a true Pisces. 


Thumbnail by Sven Scheuermeier on Unsplash.