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Why Beyonce’s Coachella Performances Gave Us Life

The queen has returned, and “beyhive” is here for it! Beyoncé has made history yet again when she became the first African American female headliner at Coachella. This pop mogul has been killing the game since her first appearance as part of a girl group called Destiny’s Child in 1990. She later became a solo artist releasing her first album, Dangerously in Love, and she has been dominating since then.       

Her performance for Coachella weekend one was on March 14, and the audience was in for a surprise! She was on stage for almost two hours performing her many hits throughout her career. One of the numerous things she did while on stage was bring out a huge marching band that performed behind her throughout the concert. She also had a sorority-themed portion of her performance in which she engaged in a probate. Her sorority was Beyoncé Delta Kappa incorporated.

As if that wasn’t enough to get the Beyhive going crazy, she then brought out Destiny’s Child. Bey and the other Destiny’s Child members, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland, performed their greatest hits like Say My Name, Soldier, and Lose My Breath.  Beyoncé also brought out Jay Z in her performance for Deja Vu and then also brought out her sister Solange for a dance sequence that left the audience screaming. Throughout the whole concert, Beyoncé had five outfit changes and an alleged nail polish change, who even does that? This just shows that Beyoncé is at another level of greatness no other artist has reached yet. Beyoncé is arguably the best performer that has lived, and yes, that includes being better than Michael Jackson and Prince.

Beyoncé’s outfit changes for Coachella, Weekend One:



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Not only were fans taken aback by Beyoncé’s performance, but many celebrities also praised her amazing concert. Celebrities like Cara Delevingne, Rihanna, and Adele were excited and left in tears, praising her excellence on Instagram and Snapchat.


She also performed for the second weekend of Coachella and many say that she did not disappoint. Coachella was transformed into Beychella and it gave all us beyhive members life! Although Beyoncé’s first performance was live-streamed, Coachella decided not to live stream the second performance which disappointed Queen B fans but that didn’t stop the beyhive! Weekend two was just as breathtaking as the previous weekend. She brought out some of the same line-ups from last weekend but tweaked some things. During her performance of Mi Gente, she brought out the other singer on that track, Latin pop star, J Balvin. She also had a complete wardrobe change from her last performance, but she kept those iconic beautiful curls that every beyhive member would kill for. She brought out Destiny Child again but this time, they glowed in white as they performed their hits.


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All in all, Beyoncé is our queen and we are ready to see her this summer. That’s right! Beyoncé is going on tour! She and her husband, Jay-Z, are touring about 36 cities across the country, calling it the On the Run 2 Tour. They will go to 15 cities across Europe and Britain and 21 cities in North America. So, no fear for those who couldn’t make it to Coachella, or afford Coachella on a college budget because she is coming to our cities!  


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