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What You Should Read Next, According To Your Zodiac Sign

"Read more books" is a resolution that always seems to find its way onto my list in the new year. Reading for pleasure is one of life's simple joys, but one we forget often. It isn't until you're racing through the pages of a book that you can't put down that you remember how good it feels to read. Not to mention the quality of sleep you get when you nod off with a book on your chest rather than falling asleep to the sound of the same tiktok on loop. If reading is one of your New Years Resolutions, Her Campus has decided to make it easier for you. We will suggest exactly which book you should read based on your zodiac sign! Now, what could be better than that? Look out Buzzfeed, we have access to the stars too!

Aries- "Can You Keep A Secret?" By Sophia Kinsella 

This book's heroine is incredibly silly and almost too honest. She will make you laugh, blush and cringe with secondhand embarrassment. But this book will also probably make you feel a bit better about anything embarrassing you've ever done in comparison. It's a lighthearted page-turner that is perfect for the drearier days of the winter months. If you like the story enough, be sure to watch the 2019 film adaptation starring Tyler Hoechlin and Alexandra Daddario. Check out more about the book here

Libra- "The Light Between Oceans" By M. L. Stedman

This book has a more somber tone but provides an addictively complex story of love and loss. It's an interesting take on the realities of isolation and the tough decisions that come with true love and parenthood. You'll also learn more about the daily life of a light housekeeper than you ever thought possible, which is actually quite interesting. You won't be able to put this book down, I promise. Check it out here

Taurus- "Get Your Life Back" By John Eldridge 

This self-help book by Christian counselor John Eldridge will enhance the daily life of faith-oriented people and non-religious people alike. He talks about the way our souls suffer from our fast-paced, social media-driven world and how we can bring a sense of peace to our life. Between his suggestions of the One Minute Pause, benevolent detachment, and a daily search for beauty, you won’t soon forget his advice. Check it out here.  

Capricorn- "The Wedding Date" By Jasmine Guillory 

Jasmine Guillory has a knack for telling a beautiful and steamy love story. She continues to come up with exciting new twists to the romantic genre's necessary meet-cute. Once you read one of her books, you'll want to read them all. Another cool aspect of her writing is that all of her characters exist in the same universe, which means each of the couples story's overlaps and interweaves with the others in creative ways. One of the best things about Guillory's writing is her diverse set of characters as well as her consistent use of powerful, self-assured women that lead their own stories. Check out more here

Aquarius- "Love Is A Mix Tape: Life And Loss, One Song At A Time " By Rob Sheffield 

This is the book I am currently reading and the recommendation came straight from one of the most iconic Aquarius' of all time: Mr. Harry Styles. Recently, when a fan asked Harry what he had been reading, he mentioned this beautiful autobiographical memoir. It's deeply personal and will cause you to reflect on the life you live and music's deep impact on memory. It makes sense that one of our generation's greatest musicians feels a connection to this book. Check out more here

Pisces- "The Midnight Library" By Matt Haig

This book is more than meets the eye. When I first saw the beautifully designed book sleeve, I was enchanted by it. While the book has the whimsy and magical realism of the fiction genre, it poses many existential questions. You will be convicted, prodded, and provoked by this novel and leave the reading experience better for it. Check it out here

Cancer- "Live In Love: Growing Together Through Life's Changes " By Lauren Akins 

Though this book is an autobiography, I laughed and cried as if I was reading a fiction novel. Lauren has a beautiful way of retelling stories and the Akins family has been through some amazing things. Thomas Rhett's equally famous wife is honest about life in the spotlight, their not-so-straightforward love story, and being a mama. I highly recommend this book. Check it out here.

Gemini- "The Flight Attendant" By Chris Bohjalian 

You might recognize this title! At the end of 2020, HULU released their television series adaptation of this story starring Kaley Cuoco. It's a book that will keep your heart racing from start to finish. It also might make you feel better about your own quiet life- sometimes the anxiety of a busy life is not worth it. Check out more here

Virgo- "The Woman In The Window" A.J. Finn 

The Woman In the Window is a fresh new take on a Rear Window-esque story. When a woman who suffers from agoraphobia sees something she shouldn't, her world is flipped upside down and she is forced to face her biggest fear: going outside. When I tell you I gasped at this book's big reveal, I mean it. I haven't stopped talking about it since. This novel was also supposed to get a film adaptation in 2020, but its distribution was delayed due to COVID. Find out more here

Sagittarius- "The Good Luck Charm" By Helena Hunting 

This twist on a classic rom-com trope is one that you will adore. When high school sweethearts are separated by years of adult life, there is a lot to figure out. It's the perfect read for a rainy day or a patch of sun and a blanket. Check out more about the book here

Scorpio- "Always And Forever, Lara Jean" By Jenny Han

This is the third and last installment of Jenny Han's wildly popular To All the Boys I've Loved Before trilogy and you don't want to miss it. The film adaptation of the novel is coming to Netflix on February 12th and hopefully, we've all learned by now that you should always read the book first. Find out what happens for one of the sweetest YA couples of all time as Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky head off to college. Check it out here

Leo- "Into The Water" By Paula Hawkins 

Paula Hawkins is best known for her book The Girl On The Train. This novel is the same mysterious thriller that will bring out your inner investigator. Throughout the novel, you slowly gain pieces of the story from many different narrators in order to come to your own conclusions about this twisted little town. But nothing you come up with could ever be as surprising as this twist ending. What are you waiting for? Check out more here

I hope this list has helped you find your next read and maybe your new favorite novel! If nothing else, I hope it inspires you to spend some time with your nose in a book today. There's nothing quite like it. 

Senior at UGA & an aspiring writer. Entertainment and Media major. I love Jesus, my family, Harry Styles, cozy blankets and getting emotionally attached to tv and movie characters.
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