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What I’ve Been Obsessed With This Month: January Edition

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UGA chapter.

Welcome! This article is the first of my brand new monthly series this semester, where I detail the films, shows, pop culture items, etc. that I’ve been obsessed with. Granted, this is my final semester of undergrad here at UGA, so this series won’t be that long, but I thought it’d be fun to have something kind of regular to put on the Her Campus blog. Join me as I tell you all about the things I’ve been loving (and maybe kind of love-hating?) this month!

Walt Disney Animation Studios | YouTube

Disney’s Encanto

I mean come on, this movie was all over my TikTok FYP and the songs kept getting stuck in my head! I think the hype over it increased once my roommate watched it and suddenly we could both burst into song or make a movie reference. Not only is this movie colorful and rich in Colombian culture, but nearly every kid who has grown up in an immigrant household could relate to the movie’s themes surrounding generational trauma and family ties. I certainly cried a lot while watching this movie and related to a lot of the characters. While I appreciate the memes that came out of it, I also love how much this movie talks about serious subject matter and can’t help but feel like it is geared towards an older generation of Disney fans. Plus, Antonio is literally one of the cutest Disney kids ever.

Marvel Entertainment | YouTube

Marvel’s Eternals

Last week I wrote an article detailing how I believe all the female characters of Eternals remind me to be my most powerful self, and that belief stems from how much I love this movie. I know it’s not the MCU fan community’s favorite one, nor is it many movie critics’ favorite, but I am so in love with the characters, messages and inherent “Marvel-ness” of it that I simply do not care. I’m not someone who denies when something could use some tweaks, so I’ll admit some things in this movie do not work as well as Marvel probably hoped they would, but I still love it all the same.

Schitt’s Creek | YouTube

Schitt’s Creek

I know I’m late to the game, but I’m so happy I finally got around to watching Schitt’s Creek over winter break. I think the characters are incredibly unique and hilarious and I love the creativity of the town setting. I’m still in the middle of watching season 4 so I’m not quite done with it yet, but I’m actually surprised at how much I love this show. The Roses are a wacky family who, despite their abrupt arrival into the town, actually fit in quite well with all the hullabaloo that goes on. In my Representation in Entertainment Media class last semester, we read an article about using humor to make light of the ridiculousness of the upper class when they find themselves in uncomfortable or awful situations. Watching the show now, I have a better understanding of what that article was talking about. I think Alexis is my favorite character, which is odd considering I found her super annoying in the beginning but what can I say? She grew on me, just like she grew to be more caring of others.

Hulu | YouTube

Only Murders in the Building

Speaking of being late to the game, I have no idea why it took me several months to finally watch Only Murders in the Building despite it being only ten episodes long: I literally watched the entire one and only season in the span of a few hours. A lot of my EMST peers said they liked the show, with the central trio of Martin Short, Steve Martin, and Selena Gomez being the main reasons why, and I have to agree. Not only is their group dynamic and friendship so quirky and odd, but it feels like it works. I especially like how there was one episode dedicated to a deaf character and conducted almost entirely in silence. The cliffhanger at the end definitely has me on my toes, ready for season two!

Good Morning America | YouTube

Elmo and Tik Tok virality

I am a huge fan of Sesame Street and believe it is one of the best shows anyone could show to children, but when audios and clips of Elmo went viral on Tik Tok, I was very amused. On one hand, Black Tik Tokkers made videos about how Elmo’s accent was a tribute to his native New Yorker upbringing, while on the other hand, gay Tik Tok believed him to just be an incredibly sassy three-year old. I especially liked the audios and clips of Elmo beefing with his friend Zoe’s pet rock, Rocco. Elmo’s arch nemesis is definitely Rocco, and I am here for the show.

Maia Knight | YouTube

Scout and Violet and Maia (Tik Tok’s favorite twins)

Super mom and Tik Tokker Maia Knight’s videos of her twin baby girls Scout and Violet are quite literally what I look forward to in the mornings. Maia’s videos have clearly caught the attention of fellow Her Campus writers judging by this article written by Carolina Grassmann, and it’s understandable why. Not only are they such cute babies, (as in, babies that don’t look like gremlins or aliens, #sorrynotsorry to some parents), but it really feels like Maia is giving us a glimpse into their little family, and I appreciate her for taking the time to do so. Furthermore, I love the comments on every post that come up with a new nickname of Violence and Scott. I mean Salt and Vinegar. I mean— Well, you get the point.

Christina Aguilera | YouTube

Rediscovering musical artists: Amy Whinehouse and Christina Aguilera

Do you ever find yourself stumbling upon a song, maybe on shuffle or a suggested Daily Mix or something, and you realize, “Hey, I kind of miss listening to this artist!”? Well, that happens to me at least once a month. “Rediscovering artists,” as I like to call it, should honestly be considered a form of self-care. This month, I rediscovered the iconic queens, Amy Winehouse and Christina Aguilera. It’s no secret that both of these women have incredible voices, and yet here I was this month, rediscovering the power they both hold. The songs I suggest you listen to? “You Know I’m No Good” by Amy Winehouse and “Pa Mis Muchachas” by Christina Aguilera, Becky G, Nicki Nicole, and Nathy Peluso.


New year, new semester, new Notion set up! I live and breathe by my Notion because it’s the central hub for all things related to academics and clubs, but now I’ve also dedicated a page for my writing and media viewing. For 2022, I’m determined to increase my media consumption (films, television shows, podcasts, books, etc.) and I am also really looking forward to having a great final semester of undergrad! Graduation will be here before I know it…

Last but not least: Being National Champions!

Self-explanatory: GO DAWGS!

Kayla is a Communication Studies and Entertainment & Media Studies (EMST) double-major, with a Women's Studies minor. She enjoys good music, Marvel movies, and Tik Toks. In the rare moments where she's not writing, watching, or listening to something, you can catch her hiking outdoors, eating good food, and spending time with family and friends.