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What the Female Characters of ‘Avatar: the Last Airbender’ Would Major in at UGA

These are my personal thoughts and opinions on what I think the female characters of the Avatar: the Last Airbender television series would major and minor in at UGA, but of course, you’re entitled to your own opinion. This is all also based on my own personal knowledge of people’s experiences with their degree programs and the organizations that they’re involved in, but I’d like to think that I pretty much nailed what the characters would do if they were students here. After all, I didn’t spend several months of quarantine watching this show for nothing.

Katara – Major: Biology, pre-med track; Minor: Social work

This one is kind of self-explanatory because Katara is literally the best-known healer within the world of ATLA and is always up for helping others. I can imagine her organizing late-night study group sessions and taking really pretty yet super meticulous notes for her classes. She’d like to understand the systems in place that undermine citizens and work to build a better community. She’d also probably join a pre-med student organization like AMSA (American Medical Student Association) and be involved with volunteer and community-service-based clubs that would allow her to give back to the Athens locality.

Toph – Major: Sport Management; Minor: Women’s Studies

Originally, I thought Toph wouldn’t even want to go to college, but then I realized she might actually really enjoy the opportunity to join so many organizations, meet tons of people, and participate in the plethora of intramural sports and group activities offered here. She’d major in sport management, intent on being an athletic trainer of some kind, but it’s also no secret that Toph is super tough and stands up for what she believes in, which leads me to believe she’d stumble across women’s studies as an elective class but somehow fall in love with the subject matter altogether and decide to minor in it.

Suki – Major: Criminal Justice; Minor: International affairs

Suki constantly wants to do what’s right and stand up for others. She’ll work extremely hard to show others that she can succeed in whatever she puts her mind to and would therefore want to major in something that would allow her to learn about the in’s and out’s of the justice system. She’d also like to learn about global issues and would take full advantage of the many study abroad opportunities offered here at UGA to visit various places across the world and learn all about different cultures and be a good direct influence on their communities.

Azula – Majors: Political Science and Public Administration (Double-Dawg); Minor: Philosophy; Public Affairs Professional Certificate

Azula would do the absolute most in order to give herself all the necessary tools to hold public office one day. She’d be a Double-Dawg in order to do more with less time, finding an efficient way to fast-track her way to success, and probably join an organization or honor society that would allow her to establish a network of people and resources. She’d find the argumentative aspects of philosophy intriguing and enjoy mock debates, additionally serving several internships with PAC under UGA alumni who she’d believe would give her the most insight into navigating the field of politics. So in all, I imagine her not getting any sleep but being extremely career-focused and successful.

Mai – Majors: Psychology and Political Science, pre-law track

Despite her uncaring and rather cold demeanor, Mai strives to live by right vs. wrong, often keeping other people accountable for their actions and possessing a strong wit and intelligence. Though she didn’t seem very interested in politics, she’s been surrounded by it her entire life and would be interested in it not because of her parents of societal expectations, but because she would claim it as her own, and psychology would allow her an edge in this field. She’d hang out in coffee shops a lot and would drag Zuko around the local Athens rock and punk music scenes.

Ty Lee – Majors: Dance and Theatre; Minor: Religion and an Asian Foreign Language

Dance and theatre would allow Ty Lee to express herself creatively while also meeting new people and building relationships. She’d most likely try to spearhead some productions herself and see some performances at local Athens art houses. Religion as a minor seemed very fitting to me because she’s very spiritual and curious about other cultures, and I feel like she’d want to do so many things that she would definitely load up her plate and find a language like Korean or Japanese particularly interesting. Also, I’m fairly certain she would try to join a sorority to make even more friends and establish a bond with her sisters.

Yue – Major: Journalism and Sociology; Minor: Communication Studies

Yue was definitely the hardest one to narrow down, but I feel like Yue would double-major in journalism and sociology because it’d offer her a way to directly be involved with the community around her and express the local issues that affect them. She’d be involved with the Red & Black telling stories about the Athens community and finding ways to be a leader through a less aggressive means, unlike Azula. Maybe it’s because she has ties to the moon and therefore I associate her with someone who is very emotionally intuitive, but I think she’d minor in communication studies because it provides her the knowledge of the communication behaviors of people of different backgrounds, and she might even partake in research opportunities that would center on public health or how people perceive current social issues.

I hope you agree with my choices for each of these female characters!

Kayla is a Communication Studies and Entertainment & Media Studies (EMST) double-major, with a Women's Studies minor. She enjoys good music, Marvel movies, and Tik Toks. In the rare moments where she's not writing, watching, or listening to something, you can catch her hiking outdoors, eating good food, and spending time with family and friends.
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