What to Expect in "The 100" Season 7

The 100 just wrapped up season six and left many fans confused and distraught over what could possibly happen in season seven. Season six was probably one of the craziest seasons yet, seeing as the writers decided to “kill” off the main character, Clarke Griffin. This new planet, Sanctum, easily fooled not only our beloved characters but also the watchers by coming across as welcoming and caring. Seems like a parallel to history, in my opinion. However, the season quickly takes a turn into a dystopian version of body-snatchers.

Season seven isn’t set to arrive until around April or May of 2020, seeing as filming just began. The season is set to have 16 episodes, bringing the total series episode count to exactly 100. This new season will no doubt be one of the craziest we’ve seen because of the cliffhanger season six left fans reeling with. The last episode of season six saw Clarke, Bellamy, and others fighting to save their people (once again) against the tyrannical government of Sanctum and their weird religious ceremonies. Season six had many religious elements that broke the traditional dystopian themes seen in the other seasons. While our beloved characters didn’t outright reject these religious elements, they were quite opposed to the death of Clarke and the reason for her death, which quickly became the focus of season six and the steps it took to get Clarke back.

There was another element of season six that left many fans confused and upset by the end of the season: the anomaly. This “anomaly” as Gabriel calls it, not only saved Octavia’s life, but it was also what ended it (or so we think)? And where did Diyoza go? The last we saw of her was when she was following her “daughter” into the giant green tornado and then she was gone for the rest of the season. The final scene in the last episode of season 6 was the biggest shock of all, we see Gabriel, Bellamy, Octavia and Echo being surrounded by the anomaly and then all of a sudden, a teenage girl comes through and…stabs Octavia? Not only does she stab Octavia, but Octavia then disappears into thin air. This girl, or Hope as Octavia calls her, only says one or two lines and then disappears with Octavia and the anomaly. The last thing we see is Bellamy franticly screaming for Octavia. 

So, what will happen in season seven? Is Octavia actually dead? A theory I have is that maybe Octavia is dead in the actual world, but not in the world of the anomaly? She seemed very accepting of her death, almost as if she knew she had something to finish in the anomaly. Also, how will Sanctum be set up now that the people of Earth have taken over? It all seems to be a very big mystery, but I think the biggest thing most fans want from season seven is to see Clarke and Bellamy finally admit their feelings for one another. The entirety of season six screamed chemistry between the two and the hug they shared at the end of the last episode said anything but platonic. 

Season seven is sure to be a wild ride and will probably have some of the craziest scenes we’ve seen yet. But I only have one parting question, is Bellarke endgame?