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The Weeks After Thanksgiving Break as Told by Will & Grace

The weeks after Thanksgiving Break are the busiest and most stressful time of the semester. Everyone is running around preparing for their holiday celebrations and trying to finish their work and school so they can have a relaxing break. Who better to describe the range of emotions that you go through than the crew of Will & Grace? 

1. Dread 

Once you realize quite how bad your next few weeks are going to be, you are suddenly filled with a sense of dread. You have a to-do list filled with thousands of things that all have to be done in the next week and you aren't sure how you are going to get it all done without having a few panic attacks along the way. 

2. Acting Like You Have it All Together 

Everyone around you is talking about their cool winter plans and how they have all A's in all their classes. In comparison, you feel like an utter failure but to save face you lie and say you have all A's too. But give yourself a little credit, you have it more together than you think! 

3. Anxiety 

The anxiety sets in as you desperately calculate your grades. You try to strategize your studying to the classes you actually have a chance. Even at your most anxious, you try to remember all the good things in your life.

4. The need to pull all-nighters so you can get your studying in

You stock up on coffee, energy drinks and crank up the air conditioning so there will be no possibility that you fall asleep. It's time to get down to business and learn what you were supposed to learn all semester. 

5. Giving up on studying 

You finally give up after three all-nighters and constant studying. At this point, you are so done and you will take whatever grade you are given. 

6. When you walk out of the classroom after all your finals

You are finally free. As you walk out, you look at all your classmates who are still taking the exam, and you don't feel sorry for them at all. 

7. Elation that the semester is finally over 

You are free for the next month and nothing will stop you from doing nothing productive and celebrating Christmas and the holiday season 100 percent. You have no worries until January. 

Don't binge watch Will & Grace until after the semester is over and your finals are done! Happy studying, and good luck!


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Erin Gilmore is a Georgia native, born and raised in Forsyth County. Since 2015, she has been attending The University of Georgia. She is majoring in Risk Management and Insurance and Advertising. She loves to learn new things and go on adventures with her friends. In her free time, she likes to hang out with her dogs, read and travel.
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