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Wagglez: The New App for Collegiettes on the Go!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UGA chapter.

As collegiettes on the go, being financially savy is imperative. Here in Athens, we bulldawg collegiettes have a new app to help us stay on top of our busy lives.

Wagglez is a digital coupon mobile app that lets users search a coupon database of local restaurants, bars, and services in realtime.
It allows users to handpick the deals they like and redeem them at the time of purchase.Wagglez let users scroll through a coupon database of local restaurants, bars, shops and services to discover deals at the users’ convenience. Because Wagglez’s coupons are mobile, users hand-pick the deals they like, then redeem them at the time of purchase. No more clipping coupons and forgetting to take them to the store, Wagglez has effectively digitized the coupon book.

To kick off their launch, the app will feature coupons from Athens businesses on Twilight weekend. Expect to find a coupon for free admission to the The Bury’s beer garden (normally $10) on Clayton Street. The Bury has even created a Wagglez’s cocktail for the occasion. Additionally, the app will feature deals from local vintage clothing stores, bars and restaurants. So far, more than 130 Athens businesses have signed up to create and distribute coupons on the Wagglez app.

Wagglez, named for the waggle dance of a honey bee, is part of a growing trend of local discovery start-ups looking to create a better user experience than leading competitors, like Groupon and Yelp. Their model is simple, yet effective: there’s no printing coupons, no pre-buying deals, and no bombarding inboxes with daily deals. Simply, search for deals on your smartphone when you’re on your way downtown.    

“With Wagglez, we wanted to solve two problems at once,” says CEO and founder Chris Bell. “We wanted to accommodate price-conscious buyers and help local businesses get visibility.” For merchants, creating and tracking the success of a coupon on the merchant dashboard is about as easy as posting on facebook. For a flat monthly fee of $20, businesses can create low-risk coupons campaigns and draw customers to their stores.

In the near future, Wagglez would like to expand to college towns in the Southeast, with the 2013 football schedule. “We want users to step off the bus in a new location, and find local deals the same way they would in their hometown,” says Bell. The next evolution of Wagglez supports a social media platform–imagine Urbanspoon meets Groupon (without the inconvenience of pre-paying), where users can rate restaurants, receive recommendations based on previous ratings, and share deals with friends. Wagglez will also add event-based deals to the mix.

For more information on Wagglez please visit http://wagglez.com, http://facebook/wagglez, or download Wagglez from the App Store, beginning April 26th.  



A student journalist at the University of Georgia, Brittini Ray has been writing for HCUGA since fall 2011. This past spring, she became the president of Her Campus UGA. Brittini also interns for zpolitics.com. She hopes to learn more about news and the journalsim industry.   Follow Brittini on Twitter