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Valentine’s Day: Collegiette’s Persepective

Some embrace it, some loathe it, and to some, it’s just another day. Cupid has arrived and brought everything heart-shaped with him. By now, we have all seen the ruby red and petal pink covered aisles that took over once New Year’s decorations hit the clearance racks. But no matter whether your Facebook profile reads, “single,” “in a relationship”, or “it’s complicated,” everyone has an opinion about the holiday Hallmark capitalizes on.

Valentine’s Day could possibly be one of the most confusing so-called holidays for couples and lone riders alike. How does one go about celebrating the day, and is it even worth it? While this cannot be said for all couples, it sure does seem like guys often find themselves forced to embrace the 14th. They subject themselves to the jam-packed restaurants for their Valentine, all to experience a night of romance shared with every other couple in the world. Even days before, roses, chocolates and space-occupying teddy bears continue to fly off of the shelves.  

Just because you find yourself alone on such a day, does not mean you have to cross off the pre-written in holiday from your calendar. Single awareness advocates choose to observe the Saint’s day as an anti-Valentine’s day, to which I say “more power to you.” In the words of Fergie, “A little party never killed nobody.”

For those of you who plan on avoiding the day tailored to commercial love, join me in celebrating the day after Valentine’s Day. You can find me scrounging amongst the bare, torn apart, desolate post V-Day aisles. I mean, you really can’t argue with a box of Russell Stover chocolates for 60% off. Happy Valentine’s Day and may the odds be ever in your favor, whether it be caramel or cherry. 

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