The Umbrella Academy's Best and Craziest Relationships

*spoilers ahead*

If you have Netflix, any kind of social media, or have even been around anyone this past month, I’m sure you’ve heard of the superhero series that is unlike any other superhero show. One of the special things about The Umbrella Academy is the many different familial, platonic and romantic relationships. Some of these relationships are really sweet and heartwarming, while others are just crazy. Keep reading for the best and craziest relationships in this show.

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Best Relationships

Allison and Luther

Okay, before anyone says anything about Allison (aka Number 3) and Luther (aka Number 1) being “siblings,” think about the way they were raised. They are not actually related, and even though they call each other brother and sister, they really shouldn’t be considered siblings. They both called Sir Reginald Hargreeves “dad,” but he certainly wasn’t a father figure at all. Their relationship is one of the best because of the feelings they have for each other despite being away from each other for years and having other relationships. If Luther finds out that Allison is in trouble, he will drop everything and go help her no matter what, and vice versa. If only Allison didn’t get married, they could’ve had a better relationship earlier on.

Klaus and Dave

Despite Klaus (aka Number 4) being strung out on drugs the majority of his life, he is willing to get sober so he can see his love. Dave was the only person Klaus loved more than himself (his words not mine). When Klaus accidentally time travels and finds himself in the middle of the Vietnam War, Dave was there through it all, and they were side by side until the end. I really fell in love with Klaus as a character just because of his love for Dave.

Diego and (Eudora) Patch

Diego (aka Number 2) and Detective Eudora Patch have a very clear flirtationship going on, mainly because they dated in the past. Diego always finds a way to be around Patch and Patch always tries to put Diego in his place. Despite the flirty nature of their friendship, they still have their own issues that caused them to break up in the first place. I wish this couple had a happier ending!

Hazel and Agnes

I don’t think anyone expected Hazel and Agnes to actually have a relationship. Hazel is a time-traveling secret agent determined to stop people from getting in the way of time’s natural course. Hazel starts to realize that his job does not give him joy anymore and he finds his happiness in a donut-making, bird-watching, lovely older lady named Agnes. Hazel abandoning his mission causes a lot of problems for him and his work partner Cha-Cha, but it is worth it. He would rather spend his last few days with Agnes than an eternity working with Cha-Cha. Hazel and Agnes are like a cute little retired couple who are growing old together. They are adorable!

Diego and Grace

Diego (Number 2) and Grace, his robot mother, have such a sweet relationship. Grace was programmed by Sir Reginald Hargreeves (the kids’ “dad”) to care for the kids since he obviously wasn’t going to. The special thing about Grace was that she went the extra mile and maybe even “evolved” to be a robot with feelings, hopes and dreams. Diego as a kid and even as an adult struggled with speaking sometimes. Grace worked with Diego and helped him get past his struggles. When Diego realized Grace’s software was fading, he had to make the decision to power her down. I may or may not have cried during their scenes.

Luther and his siblings

Luther, being Number 1 and all, is a natural born leader and is dedicated to protecting his family. All of the siblings know that if they were in any trouble, Luther would be there in a flash just to help them even if they wouldn’t do the same. Luther is extremely loyal to his family which really helps characterize his relationships with all of his siblings.

Ben and Klaus

Ben and Klaus are the funniest because Ben is basically Klaus' conscience. Ben (aka Number 6) died at a young age but is able to communicate with Klaus since Klaus is able to communicate with the dead. The special part of their relationship is that Ben and Klaus interact even though Klaus is almost always under the influence of some type of drug. Klaus uses these drugs to drown out the spirits he is forced to confront. Ben helps Klaus master his powers and stay strong to help his family. Even though Klaus knows Ben has no real power over him, he always listens to what he has to say and treats him like his best friend.

Craziest Relationships

Number 5 and Delores

Number 5 is a time-traveler who happened to get stuck in a post-apocalypse world for 30+ years. He was the last human alive, but he kept talking about how he was in love with a woman named Delores. We don’t find this out until 5 comes back and is a 58-year-old man in a 13-year-old body. He is trying to figure out how to get to this department store and we figure out that Delores is not a human, but a mannequin. He carries her around with him everywhere he goes and talks to her and responds to what she “says.” Can you blame him for being in love with Delores though? He was alone for most of his life. It's just not a typical relationship, to say the least.

Cha-Cha and Hazel

The power dynamic in this relationship is obviously unbalanced. These two time-traveling secret agents are slaves to their jobs. They have been partners for many missions but Cha-Cha bosses Hazel around as if he works for her. When Cha-Cha gets a mission to eliminate Hazel, she does not hesitate. Cha-Cha is dedicated to her job even though she and Hazel have gone through so much. Hazel tries to persuade Cha-Cha to give up the job and live a nice life where they are able to do what they want. Let’s just say this does not go over well. Cha-Cha and Hazel have a very toxic partnership.

Sir Reginald Hargreeves and all seven kids

First off, I just want to know who allowed this old man to adopt seven children at the same time?! When Sir Reginald Hargreeves went to get each kid he asked “how much do you want for it.” The kids were just called it. He didn’t even name the kids, he had their robot mom do it. He never hugged them or anything. He locked Klaus in a dark cell for hours on end and forced him to be haunted by the dead. Even when Klaus saw Hargreeves after his death, his dad was mean to him. He just talked about how disappointed he was in Klaus. Hargreeves sent Luther (who he only referred to as Number 1 even though he was the only one left) to the moon for two years for no reason. Don’t even get me started on how bad he treated Vanya and how he lied to her for over 20 years. Nannies raised all of the kids for four years before Grace was built. The kids all despised their dad and at his funeral, they found it hard to say nice things about him. This just proves that not everyone should be parents and money can really buy anything or anyone.

Vanya and Leonard/Harold

I really liked Vanya and Harold at the beginning of their relationship because they are both awkward and Vanya deserved to be the center of attention for once after her crappy childhood. Something about Leonard did seem a little off, but everyone has their flaws. Allison, Vanya’s sister, did not trust Leonard at all and was right to tackle him when she found him in Vanya’s apartment. This man is CRAZY and you will have to find out why he is both Leonard and Harold in the show. He helped Vanya discover some parts of herself which in some ways was good but the way he did it was just psychotic. He sacrificed an eye just so Vanya would use her powers. Their relationship was just next-level crazy.

Vanya and Allison

Vanya and Allison were never really close, but Allison was trying to be a good sister when she realized how badly she treated Vanya as a kid. They have their ups and downs throughout the series and Allison genuinely cares for Vanya even if it doesn’t always seem like it. When Allison reveals something that happened during their childhood, Vanya and Allison’s relationship takes a turn for the worst. Check out episode 8 for the biggest plot twist in the whole series.

Overall, these great and crazy relationships all characterize The Umbrella Academy. The series wouldn’t be the same without all of these different relationships. I can’t wait to see how some of these relationships play out in season two!