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UGA’s Hidden Treasure: The Main Library Media Desk

Think the days of going into a video store and physically renting a DVD are long gone?

Well think again!

In depths of the basement of UGA’s Main Library sits a fantastic cinematic resource: The Media Desk. It has an expansive inventory of DVDs and VHS tapes available for rental to students and faculty at the university. Check out their catalog here. Media in their reserves can also be located using the library’s main search bar on the website’s homepage.  

Since learning about the Media Desk, I’ve been going weekly. I received a poster of 100 of the greatest films of all time for Christmas, and the Media Desk has all but four of them, so each week I go to the desk and check out a film on my list to watch over the weekend. 

You’re able to rent up to three movies at a time for up to six days. The best part: it’s absolutely free (or included in my student fees, I should say)! Regardless, I have a wealth of cinema history at my fingertips that doesn’t cost a dime in rental or streaming subscription fees. I only wish I had learned of this excellent resource earlier in my time on campus. And for anyone that is interested in studying film or is simply interested in a free rental for a movie with their friends (or their cat, no judgement), then you should definitely head over to the Media Desk and check out all they have to offer!

I am an Entertainment and Media Studies and Film Studies double major pursuing certificates in Interdisciplinary Writing and New Media. I hail from Acworth, Ga, and enjoy writing, pointing out inaccuracies in movies, and binge watching any highly-rated show on Netflix with a healthy five or more seasons. Outside of stressing for grades I need to maintain Zell, I also enjoy being sarcastic and spending time with my friends.    *Yes, that is my high school senior picture. It cost a lot of money; I have no shame. 
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