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UGA Football: A Season In Review As Told By Spongebob Squarepants

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UGA chapter.

Back at it again with another UGA football season in review. With high hopes after losing the National Championship at the beginning of 2018, Bulldog fans were looking forward to the 2018 football season. This season brought many highs and lows for the bulldog nation and a lot for us to recap:

Season opener against Austin Peay

The Dawgs take an easy W against Austin Peay in the season opener as the score was 45-0. Another easy pay-game for Georgia.

Georgia gets cocky in South Carolina

The Dawgs take on their first away game in Columbia, SC. The game opened with an electrifying beginning as Juwan Taylor completed an intersection after Rodrigo Blankenship’s return kick. After that, South Carolina did not put up much of a fight as it got to the point where UGA scored every time they had the ball. Who’s the cocky team now?

Another day, another pay game

Even though this game was originally set to start at 7 PM but was rescheduled to noon due to a “hurricane,” the Dawgs still made the game worth the time change. We finally saw the talent of Justin Fields put on display as he got his first rushing touchdown of his career, and also gave UGA another passing touchdown. Not a bad day for the Dawgs.

A thriller in Missouri

Georgia went to Columbia, MO to go head on with the not-so-original Missouri Tigers. The Tigers did not make the game easy for the Dawgs as they were trying to keep up, but at the end the Dawgs came out on top. Save the heart medication for another day, Dawg nation.

Rocky Top volunteers to be a flop

Orange is such an ugly color. That’s why beating schools whose main color is orange is the best. UGA causes The Rocky Top to flop as we beat the volunteers 38-12. The volunteers might as well have volunteered to get beaten.

Homecoming, brought to you by the Vanderbilt Commodores

Homecoming Week, Saturday in Athens and our first night game of the season! Lit up Sanford will forever be a fan favorite, especially being the first time of the season. To top it off, Vanderbilt thought they were doing something by getting a touchdown last minute.

It all started with the fake field goal


Bounce back win in Jacksonville

After a disappointing last game, the Dawgs took the bi-week to recover from it to get ready for Hate Week. The Gators were good, but the Dawgs were better. Despite the fact that UGA couldn’t get a touchdown through on the one-yard line in the red zone with 6 different chances, Gator fans went back to swamp land as fast as they could during the fourth quarter. The Okefenokee Oar (the trophy of the Georgia-Florida game) will be in Athens for another year.

Back to back SEC East Champs

Who knew that us going back to the SEC championship would come down to us beating a basketball school? But we were able to pull through to get a ticket back to Atlanta.


What is up with all these football teams and having their mascot as the tiger? To make it worse, Auburn doesn’t know if they want to be a tiger or an eagle. Despite this, Georgia still ran through them.

Highest scoring game of the season

It’s our pay-game and the score was 66-27. That’s even with our back-ups for our back-ups. Plus, did you see Justin Field’s 57 yard pass? Go Dawgs.

We run this state

Just clean, old-fashioned hate. The nerds go down 45-21 as that wrapped up the regular season at home. Which allowed UGA to go undefeated at home AGAIN. Try to calculate that, North Avenue.

The game that we should have won

Again, UGA holds strong in the beginning against ‘Bama. But AGAIN, due to a quarterback change and us thinking we can do trick plays, we couldn’t hold ‘Bama down as they go on to win the SEC Championship.

Too many sweets

Ahhhh, the Sugar Bowl. This was supposed to be Georgia football’s “thank u, next” moment to the College Football Playoff Committee as they decided to leave Georgia out of the playoffs this year. But at last, the Bulldawgs gave up to let Texas win and think that they are making a comeback. 

At the end, the 2018 season was filled with many highs, like being undefeated at home to seeing some amazing games played by the Dawgs. We also saw many lows, including our coaches not using our talented triple-threat back-up quarterback, causing him to transfer; coaches deciding to leave; and almost our entire junior roster deciding to entire the draft. We are going to be fine. We are being tested right now, but we will make it through.

Hey y'all. My name is Jayda Hill and I am currently a student at the University of Georgia trying to navigate adulting. I am Advertising major with a minor in Sports Management and a certificate in New Media. Besides writing, I enjoy laughing with friends, eating at my favorite places, reading, watching college football, movies, Youtube videos, and shows on Hulu and Netflix. I can't wait to channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw with Her Campus UGA.