UGA Football: A Season In Review As Told By New Girl

The 2017 season of Georgia Football will go down in the history books. Georgia was able to win their first SEC title since 2012, be selected to participate in the 4th College Football Playoff, WIN said playoff, and in 37 years make it to the National Championship. With a season like this, there were many memorable moments to recap.


1. Season Opener against Appalachian State

The season opened up in Sanford Stadium against Appalachian State on Sept. 2, 2017. Within minutes of the first quarter, Jacob Eason goes down. We easily thought our season was over, but in comes Jake Fromm to take over. Seeing the true freshman quarterback made us realize there was something special about him.


2. Georgia puts the South in Southbend

The last time Georgia played Notre Dame was in the Sugar Bowl in the 1980 championship game (which we won). So it was already set to be a good game. Who could ever forget the catch heard around the world with Terry Goodwin? The Dawgs won this tight-knitted game 20-19. And another big win that night was when kicker Rodrigo Blankenship got a scholarship.


3. Georgia reminds Samford who the real bulldogs are

Who knew there were other teams calling themselves bulldogs.? But Samford got an idea of who the real bulldogs were after Georgia beat them 42-14.


4. Again, whats up with all the bulldogs? SEC opener against Mississippi State

Samford must not have given Mississippi State the heads up as Georgia held Mississippi State with 31-3. From flea-flicker to two savage pad appearances, it was a good game.


5. Revenge Tour in Tennessee, Part 1: Demolishing Rocky Top

You say Hail Mary? I say 41-0.


6. Revenge Tour in Tennessee, Part 2: Down Go The Commodores

The Dawgs hit up Music City to make sweet music of their own as they beat the Commodores 45-14.


7. Homecoming game against Missouri Tigers

What is homecoming week without football? In the first half of the game, the Dawgs and the Tigers were tied. But in the second half, the Dawgs were able to pull us to another W.


8. Florida Hate Week: One of the most exciting weeks at UGA

One of the two biggest games Georgia fans look forward to. Not going to lie, I was very nervous going into the game. But boy did Georgia kick those Gators. Florida didn’t even put up a score until the last quarter. The Okefenokee Oar (the trophy of the Georgia-Florida game) was able to come back home, and Florida fired their coach. At this point, I start to wonder is this season really a dream?


9.  Another W in the bag against South Carolina

The hottest game of the year. I swear I was spoiled with all these night games. But just like the temperature, Georgia was hot on the field and made those Gamecocks into fried chicken. We were also crowned the SEC East Champs allowing us to go the SEC Championship. 


10. The game that never happened

It didn’t happen. Okay?


11. Dawgs bounce back against Kentucky

After our first loss of the season, Georgia was able to give a fantastic home finale as we beat the Wildcats. This allowed us to go undefeated at home.


12. Who runs the state?

My favorite game of the year. Who truly runs the state of Georgia? After beating North Avenue 38-7, we all got our answers.  


13.  #Revenge at the Benz: How sweet it is

After beating Auburn to get to the SEC Championship, and despite all the flags the refs were giving Georgia, UGA was still able to come out on top and win the 2017 SEC Championship.


14.  Humbling Baker Mayfield at the Rose Bowl

Going against the current Heisman winner is pretty scary. Especially when your defense didn’t start showing up until the 2nd Half. But after a hard fight, Rod’s 55 yard field goal, going into double over-time for even more craziness (such as Lorenzo Carter blocking Oklahoma’s field goal attempt), it was Sony Micheal’s 27 yard touchdown that gave the Dawgs a ticket to the National Championship.


15.  NATTY’17

The moment all Dawg fans have been dreaming of for the past 37 years. Finally, we get to play 'Bama in our own backyard. At first everything was going good for us and at halftime we were 13-0. But 'Bama made some quarterback changes (and the refs were not calling fouls like they should have been) which led them to winning another national championship in over-time.


Overall, it was a great season and I am proud of our Dawgs for how far they have come this season. Now we are looking ahead to Natty’18, and maybe the Dawgs will be able to break the Georgia-sports curse.


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