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Top 5 Favorite ‘The Flash’ Episodes

The Flash sped onto our TV screens back in Oct. 2014 and in the past five seasons there have been some amazing episodes with some of the show’s most iconic moments.  Here are some of my favorite episodes from the show.

*spoilers ahead*

Season 3, Episode 17: “Duet”

This one is my all-time favorite episode of the whole series and it’s a fan-favorite as well. It’s so different from anything else in the series. It was the musical crossover with Supergirl where Music Meister trapped Barry and Kara in a musical dream world where their friends are different characters. It was cool to see them navigate this new world as well as seeing the other actors play new parts. By the end of it Barry and Kara realized what’s important and fixed their relationships. The episode also had one of the most iconic moments to date: Barry proposing to Iris singing “Running Home to You” that was perfectly written for their relationship.

Season 3, Episode 21: “Cause and Effect”

This episode was a much-needed break from the darkness Iris’ impending murder at the hands of Savitar (which is also Barry’s evil time remnant) brought to the season. Team Flash had the brilliant idea to stop Barry from creating new memories so Savitar won’t know what they’re up to, but it goes wrong and Barry ends up with amnesia. What I love most about this episode is it shows just how much Iris loves Barry and we got to see them fall in love all over again. Even though he doesn’t remember her or their relationship Iris was willing to put his happiness above her own. He wasn’t carrying the weight of his parents death and she was so happy to see him like that. The episode just solidified that Barry and Iris ride or die and have been in love since childhood.

Season 4, Episode 15: “Enter Flashtime”

This was the best episode of season 4 hands down, it was everything The Flash should be. It was so well-written, the stakes were so high, the emotions were there, the acting was absolutely incredible. A nuclear bomb was set off in Central City and Barry had to go into flash time to figure out how to stop the bomb from exploding. He enlisted the help of Jesse and Jay but nothing works and he’s struggling to keep going. He finally brings Iris into flash time and she gives him the strength to keep moving and figures out how to stop the bomb. That scene was beautifully acted by both Grant and Candice and it was the first time Barry called Iris his lightning rod. We also got another glimpse of the mystery girl, aka Barry and Iris’ daughter from the future. It was a fan favorite and we need more episodes like this.

Season 5, Episode 5: “All Doll’d Up”

This episode had some really iconic and sweet moments between Barry and Iris. Barry earns the award for the world’s most supportive husband after Nora blames and is mad at her for what future-Iris did. Barry spent the entire episode trying to cheer her up and the man just wanted to go on date with his wife. They went to this charity gala to get more info on Rag Doll (this episode’s villain) and the writers finally gave us their first dance since they totally robbed us of a wedding. Meanwhile, Cecile told Nora stories about Iris pretending they were about Barry to get her to realize what a good person her mom is. Oh and Iris literally flung herself off a building to save Barry when Rag Doll took him with meta cuffs. Another amazing one.

Season 1, Episode 1: “Pilot”

The one that started it all. I actually didn’t know about the show when it first started in 2014. It wasn’t until season 3 started in 2016 and it got recommended to me that I started binge-watching the whole series. Within the first 10 minutes I fell in love with the show. I don’t if it was Barry’s bubbly charm, the way Grant Gustin plays him, or Grant and Candice’s palpable chemistry (it’s probably all three) but it’s been my favorite show ever since.

When you have some time go check out these episodes or the whole show—you won’t regret it!

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