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The Top 15 Worst L’s of Your College Experience

Most people describe their undergrad years as the best four (or five, or six, or seven) years of their life. With newfound freedom and an endless world of possibilities at your fingertips, college can be an incredibly liberating and invigorating experience, but college life is all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Here is a compilation of the top 15 worst L’s of everyone’s college experience.

1. The Non-English Speaking Professor

“Ummm, excuse me? Come again?”

2. The Forbidden Finals Week

“I’m dying a slow painful death, but it’s fine. I’m fine.”

3. The Empty Bank Account

“Do you think I can make a GoFundMe to buy Chick-fil-A?”

4. The Freshman 15 

“Hmm, that roll wasn’t there last semester.”

5. The Bad Break Up

“At this point, Beyonce is the only thing that can make this better.”  

6. The Psycho Roommate 

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I actually live with this crazy person. How did I get here?” 

7. The Infamous All-Nighters 

“Sleep is for the weak, my friends.” 

8. The Dreadful 8:00 A.M. Class

“I thought waking up this early to go to school ended after high school. Why me, Lord?” 

9. The Absent Group Partner

“So you’re too busy to meet with the group…again? This is starting to get old, don’t you think?”

10. The Notorious Community Bathrooms

“Wait a minute, is that thing moving?” 

11. The Endless GroupMe Notifications​

“My classmates have no chill. If my phone vibrates one more time…” 

12. The Missed Bus

“There goes being on time for once this semester.”  

13. The Awkward Tinder Date 

“Oh no girl, let’s go. That was not how he looked in his profile pic.” 

14. The Lousy Advisor

“Well, ummm, thanks for being no help at all.” 

15. The Noisy Neighbor

“Hey, ya’ll up in room 249, tone it down for your girl, K?” 


Ladies, college girls around the world feel your pain, understand your hurt, and can identify with your grievances. Sometimes, college life is awful, but just remember these are the years in which you shall live your best life. 


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Kelsey is a fourth year student studying journalism with a minor in communication studies in Athens at the University of Georgia. As a social media specialist for the Charlotte-based digital branding and career consulting agency, The Dean’s List, she assists in developing strategy and repurposing content for audiences on multiple platforms After graduating in Fall 2020, she hopes to start a career in marketing and public relations. Kelsey is a former public speaking national champion and columnist for the Florida/Georgia star. This past summer, she helped welcome over 5,000 new students to the University of Georgia as an Orientation Leader. Some of her other campus involvement includes the Student Alumni Council, University Housing, UGA Career Center Brand Ambassadors and Georgia Football Recruiting. She's been dedicated to inspiring young women through her faith-based lifestyle brand, Uniquely You, since 2016. When she's not working for the Dean’s List or living her best life at UGA, you can catch Kelsey singing Beyonce’s greatest hits, journaling her thoughts or trying out the newest shades of Mac lipstick.
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