Top 12 John Paul Jones Moments

Ah yes, John Paul Jones. One of the greatest characters in the history of The Bachelor to ever grace our screens with his good looks, charisma, humor and down-right relatability. How Hannah B. ever let this gem of a man go is beyond most of us—we can't get enough of him. If you're a JPJ lover, you have to check out these top John Paul Jones moments.

  1. 1. When he first introduced himself as "John Paul Jones"

    How could we forget this iconic moment? When he first stepped out of that limo and introduced himself using his full name, it was a wrap. We love a man who embraces who he is with full confidence. 

  2. 2. THE. HAIR. FLIPS.

    I mean, come on, what more is there to say? JPJ knows the power he has with those beautiful golden locks, so who can blame him for showing them off any chance he gets?

  3. 3. His love for chicken nuggets

    Ever since we saw John Paul Jones eating chicken nuggets as a way to avoid Bachelorette drama, it's been apparent that nugs are his go-to. No one has ever been as honest about their love for chicken nuggets and we stan.

  4. 4. When he was WAYYYY too pumped for a game of rugby

    Even if he didn't win the game itself, he came to play, and he definitely won our hearts. Let it all out JPJ, let it all out.

  5. 5. When he practiced accepting a rose

    John Paul Jones saying "yasss queen" is my new religion. He got to use this line on two different occasions, and man did that practicing sure pay off.

  6. 6. His speedo

    Name a man who looks better in a speedo than John Paul Jones. I'll wait.

  7. 7. When he let a fan cut his hair

    A bold move on the fan's part, and it paid off. I wonder how much a lock of JPJ hair would go for...?

  8. 8. MORE hair flips

    This deserves twice the recognition. It never gets old.

  9. 9. His entrance into Paradise

    Nothing seems more on brand for John Paul Jones than running full speed into the ocean wearing a speedo. Classic.

  10. 10. His labor simulation moment

    JPJ is most certainly the dad that passes out in the delivery room, but hey, you win some, you lose some. And when it comes to John Paul Jones, you're definitely winning.

  11. 11. When he threw up that taco

    When hot-sauce-loving Jane tried to feed our man a super spicy taco, that's when we knew she deserved to go home week one.

  12. 12. His poetry reciting to Tayshia

    Our girl Tayshia with John Paul Jones? What an unexpected couple, but one we never knew we needed. The fact that he took the time to memorize Shakespeare for her just goes to show you how big of a heart he really has.

John Paul Jones is truly an icon that deserves to find love on The Bachelor franchise. I don't know how we are going to satisfy ourselves without our weekly dose of his crazy antics and authenitc self, but future Bachelorette contestants are going to have a hard time topping this guy. Here's to you JPJ!