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I haven’t had bangs since I was in sixth grade when I made the mistake of getting a jaw-grazing bob along with a fringe that barely skimmed the tops of my eyebrows. Not only did I look like Lord Farquaad from Shrek, but the oil from my bangs triggered flaming red pimples that mortified my pre-teen self. As my hair grew painfully slow, I vowed to never get bangs ever again.

              Fast forward to now: I am a college freshman, bang-free for about seven years. Despite a couple of split ends, I’m pretty happy with how my hair looks.

              Now comes the million dollar question: Why on Earth would I get bangs AGAIN?

              During fall break, as I was trying to relax and rid myself of all the stress from the endless pile of homework and quizzes, I began to binge-watch New Girl on Netflix (I think you know where this is going). As I was finishing up the end of the second season, I found myself admiring Zooey Deschanel and Hannah Simone’s hair. Bangs are fun! They can be quirky and cute or dark and sexy! In addition to my mother nagging at me for running my fingers through my hair too often, I decided to go for it. Why not? Hair grows back anyways, and if I didn’t like it, I’d just pin it to the side until it got long enough. So that night, in a haze of impulse, I cut my hair over the bathroom sink.

              I . Love. Them. Bangs make me look and feel like a whole new person. Though getting them seems like such an insignificant matter, I am so proud of myself for gaining the courage to get over an obstacle in my life. Also, I look good. Yes, I’ve added an extra ten steps to my morning sequence, but it makes me feel so much better about myself. It was honestly so surprising to me that I’d enjoy them this much given my experience, and I have no plans on growing them out anytime soon.

              So, my thoughts on bangs? They’re amazing and if you’re thinking about getting them, then I highly recommend it. You’ll look great!

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Hi! I'm Valerie and I am currently a freshman as a Psychology major. Along with studying and stressing about upcoming exams and assignments, I spend my days binge-watching Netflix, hanging out with friends, and downing coffee like there's no tomorrow. I am the proud plant mom of a cactus named Prickly Paul and a mint named Ralph.
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