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Have you ever listened to a song on the radio or through your headphones and asked, “How can I see this live?” That’s me for any indie or significant artist that comes across my playlist. It’s one thing listening to your favorite songs in the comfort of your bedroom or on the walk to classes, but the experience of seeing a concert is unlike no other!

Especially living in Athens (birthplace of the B-52’s and R.E.M.), it’s even more fun to check out local musicians and shows in different venues around town. I know it’s still a little difficult to fully return to how we all remember live music because of the pandemic, but looking at a post-COVID world, here are some of the best things I love about concerts.

1. Strong sense of community


Meeting other fans who all share similar tastes in music and getting to experience the spectacle you are about to witness together is truly a one-of-a-kind moment. Going to concerts can be great with friends, but the joy of seeing other people sing along to your favorite songs or cheer in excitement is fantastic. Leaving an amazing concert has the same energy as leaving a theater on the opening weekend of a box office hit. You don’t know how much time has passed and you feel like you traveled to another dimension and got to experience it with other people collectively. Music connects us all, and going to a concert shows you how beautiful that can be.

2. spectacle on stage

FIR concert

Artists can perform in any way they choose and associate a specific vision or dance with their songs. The lights, the colors, the projection, the dancing… all of it is amazing! Being able to watch a musician live in real-time on stage is fantastic. Sometimes you never know what to expect or what will come next, making it even more enjoyable. The creativity some artists have to put on a SHOW is unmatched and can create long-lasting memories.

3. The emotions

Jack Jack

Concerts are meant to be fun and can stir up strong emotions, especially if you are a big fan of the artist you’re seeing. It’s a beautiful moment because you are in the moment – present with people you love, feeling a sense of closeness with strangers and hearing your favorite songs performed live, raw, and in real-time by your favorite artists. It can be very overstimulating for many, but it can boost self-esteem serotonin and even cause tears of joy in others. It’s such a genuine and overwhelming experience that can indeed turn someone’s day or even week around.

So check out a concert near you! Athens has some great local musicians to check out at venues that follow safe pandemic protocols, or if you’re in Atlanta, a concert could be a great experience to bond with friends or other fans alike!

Julia is an intended Entertainment & Media Studies major. She enjoys all types of music (except country), anything with pesto sauce, and sitcoms. In her free time she loves exploring new places with friends and watching movies.
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