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Taylor Swift Unveils The Swift Life App

Taylor Swift has a “reputation” for communicating with her fans via her personal Tumblr and Instagram, and now she’s taking it to the next level with her own app, “The Swift Life.” The video announcement makes it seem like a haven for Swifties, complete with ways to interact with other fans, post photos, view Taylor videos and see the lyrics to all of her hit songs. It’s unknown if the app will cost anything or have in-app purchases, but it’s likely that most Taylor fans will be dedicated to it, regardless of a possible price.

Taylor practically patented “Taylurking,” or following her fans on social media (and sometimes going as far as inviting them to her house!), during the 1989 era, and it’s no surprise that she’s going the extra mile with the Reputation era. This app allows for fans to communicate with each other just like any other social media site, but it will only be Taylor fans using this new platform. This is a clear advantage for when the haters start to hate, hate, hate on open forms of social media because they likely won’t take the time to join a Taylor app.

Currently in beta-testing phases in select locations, the app will debut in late 2017 after the release of Reputation. “The Swift Life” brings up questions like will Taylor stop going on Tumblr and Instagram? Does using the app help with trying to get tour tickets? How often will Taylor herself be on the app and chatting with fans? Regardless of the answers, at least we can all agree that the Olivia the Cat “Taymoji” is adorable.

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