Sustainable Hair-Care Products for a Healthy Planet and a Healthy You

If you’re anything like us, you cherish your hair and the time you spend making it as PERFECT as it can be—even though you have an 8am class, a 9-hour work day, or a 10 o’clock appointment with your bed and Hulu. In lieu of Earth Month, here are a few eco-friendly brands to get the look you’re going for, while still keeping the earth in mind.


Pureology is a salon-quality hair line—and it’s vegan! No sulfates, high-performance, and even protects color-treated hair. Another pro is that it smells so good. The Pureology line uses essential oils to target damaged hair, which leaves your hair smelling like you just came back from a month-long vacation.  Your hair will appreciate you, but so will your bank account! A little goes a long way, stretching your money and getting the job done with little energy required.

Avalon Organics

Avalon Organics is an organic and cruelty-free line of both hair and skin care, certifiably! Their standards are pure, true, kind, safe and grown. Their website claims that they are committed to “organic agriculture and sustainability.” They vouch never to test an ingredient or product on animals, and to be transparent with each formula. They have certifications fitted to the NSF/ANSI 305 Standard, as well as to the USDA National Organic Program Standard.

Raw Hair Organics

Raw Hair Organics are 100% natural and create hair-care products for women, men and pets. Melanie Nickels, the creator of Raw Hair Organics, created this company out of devastation—her husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2004. Probable cause? He spend almost 20 years working in the industrial chemical distribution business, but guess what? They found that all of the hair products that Melanie was using on herself and clients prior to their own business contained toxic chemicals that he had exposure to at work. Melanie, and most of the world, are using chemicals on their scalp and have long been attributed to many illnesses, such as cancer. The couple began sustainable living, created an online hair care shop and organic salon in 2007, and have been cutting chemicals out of their lives ever since.

Intelligent Nutrients

Another certifiably organic hair-care company is Intelligent Nutrients. The products are non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free, and “made with plants, not petroleum.” This brand also believes in ingredient transparency; they want you to know what you’re buying and putting on your body. In addition to respect for animals, they have a large respect for our oceans! They are committing to clean water and are only using “plant-based exfoliation alternatives” rather than plastic microbeads that can gather in the water, adding to the abundance of pollution that we already have.  Though the products are vegan, another important feature is packaging. Intelligent Nutrients uses recycled plastic for the packaging as much as they can, and opts out of preservatives, extending sustainability outside the products that are physically being used and out toward something we often forget is an issue.

Thank you @ecochicbeauty ! ❤️😘 #Repost @ecochicbeauty with @get_repost ・・・ Have you heard of @intelligentnutrients before? I hadn’t until they very graciously sent me a bunch of their products to try a few months ago. I’ve been testing their products* the past few months so now I’m ready to share my thoughts.🤗 - 🌱To give you some background, Intelligent Nutrients was founded by Horst Rechelbacher, the founder of Aveda, and is now led by his wife Kiran Stordalen and daughter Nicole Rechelbacher. (Rest assured, the brand is 100% natural and organic!) Upon learning more about the brand, I couldn’t help but to be more and more impressed. Every painstaking detail — from their packaging to their formulations — have been chosen deliberately or to serve a certain purpose. They pride themselves on total transparency and high standards. Not only are they USDA Organic-, Soil Association Organic-, ICEA Eco Bio Cosmetics-, and Made Safe-Certified; they are cruelty-free, do not test on animals; completely sustainable and dermocompatible; and use wind/renewable energy to produce their products. Now, this is a brand I can get behind!🙌🏼 I love that they are innovative and use plant stem cell science and technology in their formulations.💯 - 🌱Combination + Dry Travel Set: this set is incredibly generously-sized for a travel set. The set includes the: 🌱Nourishing Cleansing Cream: milky, soothing, and perfect for a first cleanse for non-makeup days or as a second cleanse. It left my skin feeling supple, soft, and clean. 🌱Nourishing Tonic: has a nice, fresh scent and is both soothing and refreshing 🌱Renewing Oil Serum: nourishing and calming due to the blue tansy in it. I felt like it improved the texture of my skin. 🌱Restorative Moisture Emulsion: lightweight and seriously hydrating. It left me with glowy, radiant skin. 🌱Detoxifying Glycolic Gel: cooling, helped minimize my pores, and gave me clearer skin, overall. Works wonderfully for oily skin (like mine) 🌱Plant Retinol Science Time Traveler Serum: my favorite product that I tried — it’s superb! Lightweight and silky, it helped brighten my appearance and fade dark spots. My skin looked smoother and felt so soft and s

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John Masters Organics

Last but not least is John Masters Organics. John Masters is a New York native and is geared toward making “premium quality, earth-friendly” products. He created the first toxin-free salon in Manhattan with the intention of reducing the amount of chemicals workers and customers were interacting with during their hair-care experiences. John explains that, “We only get one body and we only get one planet. Why not treat them with the utmost care?” His line uses 100% recyclable packaging and is completely earth-friendly!

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