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Style Crush: Miroslava Duma

As an addict of the fashion blog-o-sphere, I have found that my favorite blogs are picture-intensive. By pure luck or intervention of the fashion gods, I recently stumbled across the blog of Miroslava Duma , a former fashion editor for Harper’s Bazaar Russia and a freelance writer. Each post is more impressive than the last, and her fantastic pairing of colors had me in sensory overload for hours. I already mailed my Christmas list to Santa with the words “Miroslava Duma’s Closet” at the top, but until then, here are a few key aspects of her style to help you recreate Duma’s style with your own wardrobe:
1. Play With Proportions
One of the key aspects of Miroslava Duma’s style is proportion. She makes her look dramatic by either wearing thigh-grazing mini skirts or billowy maxi-lengths. Just be sure to find a length that is flattering to your shape and body.
2. Classic Cut Jackets
A fitted jacket is a go-to piece in Mira’s wardrobe. A clean-cut leather jacket, Chanel-inspired tweed, or embellished jean jacket would be a good addition to your own wardrobe.

3. Black and Heeled
If it’s black and has a heel, chances are Mira will wear it. Her style is very playful and constantly updating, but the closest thing to a rule in her wardrobe is the addition of a great pair of black pumps or booties to any outfit. Try investing in a pair of Steve Madden black pumps. They are an essential for any wardrobe.

4. Tights, Tights, Tights
It’s obvious that sky-high minis and Russian weather are not a match made in heaven, and to remedy this situation Mira adds black tights. If you’re planning to make the mini your winter staple (and you absolutely should!) don’t forget this key accessory.
5. Matching, Bold Jewelry
Mira’s outfits are often composed of a stand-alone piece that generally requires little to no jewelry. But when she does go for a jewelry option, it is typically a chunky necklace that matches the bold colors in her outfit. The key is to find a few bold pieces that match the colors in your wardrobe.
6. Bold, Bright Patterns
A motto the Russian fashionista seems to live by is “go big or go home.” The most enviable aspect of Mira’s style is unquestionably the bold, bright outfits she pulls together. When you’re out dress shopping, ditch your go-to LBD and opt for a bold pattern or a neon color.
The most important thing to remember when trying to replicate Mira’s style is that its all about celebrating fashion. If you buy pieces that make you feel fun, whether they’re Chanel or H&M, you’ve already got a whole lot of Mira in your closet!

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