Studying for Finals as Told by Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Final exams are coming up soon, which means that all of us students are incredibly and unbelievably stressed. It also means that we're all in for a rollercoaster of emotions. Here is the finnicky process of studying for finals:

  1. 1. Planning everything out

    You write all the final exam dates in your planner, make a color-coded schedule, and feel like you got this. Studying will be a piece of cake thanks to your superior organizational skills. 

  2. 2. Trying to find the motivation to study

    So, it's been kind of hard to start studying. It's just so boring, and you have better things to do. 

  3. 3. Procrastinating

    You still have time before your final exams. Besides, there's a new movie coming out, your friends want to have a party, and you want to start that new TV show. Maybe you just need to take a little break from studying.

  4. 4. Realizing time has gone by way too fast

    Where did the time go? You have three days before your first exam, and you haven't really looked at any notes. You probably shouldn't have avoided studying until the last minute because now you're a little stressed.

  5. 5. Reading the study guide and realizing you know nothing

    The study guide that your professor gave you is kind of freaking you out. You don't remember covering any of those concepts in class. Were you asleep when she went over them? It's time to buckle down and figure out what's going on.

  6. 6. Cram studying

    It's the night before your first exam, and you are cramming everything you possibly can into your brain. It's a long shot, but you think that maybe you can get through it.

  7. 7. Stress eating

    All this studying just keeps making you more stressed. And with that comes stress eating, where you try to shove all your doubts and worries into your mouth in the form of hot cheetos and chips.

  8. 8. Pretending like you don't care 

    You know what? Who cares about grades anyway? They're not a measure of your intelligence, just your test taking skills. You won't let yourself be reduced to numbers on a paper. 

  9. 9. Crying because you actually do care

    Okay, so you're just lying to yourself. You really do care about your grades. You probably shouldn't have wasted all that time watching TV instead of studying. 

  10. 10. Accepting defeat

    Well, you've done the best you could, given the circumstances (that you kind of inflicted on yourself). If you fail tomorrow, you fail. You can always try again. Hope is eternal, right?

Although studying for finals can be terrible, if you avoid certain pitfalls like procrastination, you can definitely come out on top. Have a little faith in yourself and read the study guide. Good luck with your studies and your exams!