The Stages of Waiting for a Text Back As Told By 'Gilmore Girls'

In this generation, we are obsessed with our phone. Our phone is essentially a part of our body. Our phone is also the fastest way to communicate with somebody we like or are interested in. We all know how it starts. They text you first or you text them first, then you wait for a reply. Sooner or later it gets to a point where you are waiting forever for a response back. We have all been there before. There are certain stages a person goes through waiting for this text back.

Stage 1: Disbelief

Stage 2: Annoyed

Stage 3: Angry

Stage 4: Sad

Stage 5: Doing things to take your mind off of the situation

Stage 6: Angry (again)

Stage 7: Acceptance

Stage 8: Remembering how you are a strong, independent woman that doesn't need a man

Stage 9: They respond  

Maybe one day they will understand our pain, or maybe we'll stop over-obsessing about text messages. Pretty sure the former will happen first.