The Stages Of A College Study Session As Told By Hermione Granger

With finals rapidly approaching, it's time to hunker down and study for all the tests we have. We all have claimed our study spots and are determined to sit there until we are ready to ace our tests. Here are some of the moments we face.

When you realize just how much studying is ahead of you

When you realize your final is cumulative 

When you see topics on the review guide that you have no recollection of learning 

When someone tries to tell you that you don't know what you're talking about

You as you try to remember that one concept you can never seem to get right

As the hours of studying adds up and you still feel like you know nothing 

Calculating what the lowest grade you can get is to get an A in the class

Trying to decide if you can just drop out of college

When it's finally time to take a break 

When someone tries to take the study room you've been living in for the last week 

Going out with your friends to celebrate after the final is over

It's time to concentrate and eliminate all distractions from our studying. In only a few short days, the semester will be over and our hard work will pay off. Good luck studying!