Shane Dawson Is Revolutionizing The YouTube Game—And We’re Loving It

Anyone who’s been a fan of YouTube knows who Shane Dawson is. He’s one of the few who have been around since the beginning, and after more than ten years his channel still continues to grow. In the last few years, his conspiracy videos have become insanely popular, with some of them gaining over 20 million views.

Over the course of 2018, however, Shane Dawson has completely switched up his style. The famous creator has left behind his days of recording himself eating food and talking about trends in his kitchen, and has since entered a new era of multimedia entertainment. Dawson has focused on making video series with multiple connecting parts instead of just stand-alones, and while they still incorporate his hilarious personality and iconic quips, they are meant to have much deeper meanings.

Even more recently, Dawson has taken to creating multi-part docu-style series, highlighting other YouTubers such as grav3yardgirl, Jeffree Star, and even diving into what went wrong with Tana Mongeau’s “Tanacon”. These series are shot and edited together spectacularly to create something never really seen before on the platformーwhich probably explains why they’ve become so insanely popular.


In fact, Dawson’s three-part series on Tanacon has over 44 million total views, and his five-part series following Jeffree Star has more than doubled that, with a total of over 91 million combined views.

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Dawson is currently in the midst of uploading a series on controversial YouTuber Jake Paul, which is going to contain eight parts. The first three parts are currently uploaded, and the first part gained 12 million views in less than a day. 

With each new series, Shane Dawson continues to get bigger and better, and we can’t wait to watch him grow!