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Serotonin Boosts from YouTube Creators

2020 has definitely not been what we would thought it would be. Everyone has been stressed out, dealing with the pandemic and an equally depressing political climate. Schools are back in session, either completely isolated or risking everyone’s health. Let’s not forget about our mental health. Or that people won’t wear masks. It’s been a challenging time for everyone, and we could all use some happiness right now. Here’s five YouTube creators, in no particular order, with videos to give you a serotonin boost. Many also have a TikTok.

Music by Blanks

How he creates and revamps music is amazing and is honestly a great time killer. His song “Dance Alone” is super fun.

Some Good News

Some Good News started out as a media channel to share good news during the pandemic. If you ever wanted to see cute dogs and nice neighbors, check them out. Their TikTok is also very popular.

Magnus the Therapy Dog

I found him on TikTok, but he’s also on YouTube. The videos are so cute and funny. This one is mainly why I recommended him.

Joey Kidney

Joey was popular before TikTok came around. He’s so sweet, and he’s not afraid to talk about the serious, dark things. On his TikTok, he also writes beautiful songs and poems. If you need happiness and some anxiety relief, please watch Joey.

Lukas Arnold

His John Mulaney impressions are incredible. If you ever wanted a quick laugh to calm down from stress, check out his YouTube compilations or TikTok.

Of course, there are many other TikTok and YouTube celebrities that are great serotonin boosts, too. I have so many favorites. My honorable mentions include Bruce Eskesen (very cute song parodies), Alex Griswold (some of the most wholesome chats), Chris Monaghan, Are You Happy, @itsmaxhooray, Ethan Jewell, Zane Frederick Writes, Flynn Castles (so sweet), Spence Hood, Sky McKee, 60 Second Docs, Riley Rambo, literally any ferret or dog channel, and so many more. I hope everyone can find something to make them smile at least once a day, even if it is on YouTube or TikTok. Have a great day!

UGA '22. Entertainment Media Studies major with a Theatre Studies Minor and a New Media Certificate (wants to be a television writer or a producer of digital content promoting kindness). Just your average, kinda awkward, 40 year old Jewish mom in a 19 year old's body who loves coffee, bagels, television, and late nights on Amazon. Check here for random writing thoughts!
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