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This past week, I came across the online store and charity: iHeartDogs (and I bought stuff right away). It’s an online store dedicated to pets and their owners. You can buy everything from leashes to cool t-shirts. Want some awesome jewelry in support of great causes? They got that too. As for charity, they donate to Pets and Vets; Project Play; the Second Chance Movement; K9 Body Armor; Rescue Rebuild; Give Warmth; and other community service, rescue and disaster relief projects. They also donate dog toys and help feed rescue dogs with every purchase proceeds. These proceeds are done securely through GreaterGood.org. They also post a newsletter about their charity work and, of course, the cutest dogs ever.

As for a little more about the company, they “strive to make the highest quality, most unique products for pups and people that also do something even greater.” As for who they are, that’s an even sweeter story. Per their website, Justin Palmer began a Facebook page called “I Love Dogs.” He then co-founded iHeartDogs with Marshall Morris, a veteran. They created the company as a homage to rescue dogs and America’s veterans. They even have a “dogifesto” that’s worth the read.

But on to the review. So, I bought three things on their website, originally intending just to buy something for my father’s birthday (that’s how cool their products were—it was like shopping at Target). I ended up purchasing a black paracord rescue bracelet for me that had a rescue key attached, a rainbow bridge paracord bracelet for my father, and a pack of K-cup coffee, whose proceeds feed shelter dogs, for a friend.

I’ll start from the packaging. The box was durable and was sealed with red iHeartDogs tape. The shipping was pretty quick and everything came as expected. It was supposed to come on a Friday, and it came on a Thursday (so bonus points for that). As for the actual products, I thought they were all really nice. Everything came separately packaged. I really liked the black paracord bracelet, even though it was too big on my tiny wrists. But since it was for a great cause, I plan to use it as a keychain on my bookbag or give it to a friend.

I gave my father the birthday gift early—he loved the bracelet and appreciated the special message behind it. Our family dog passed away in May, and her passing hit our family really hard, especially my father. He always misses seeing her when he comes home and hearing her paws move about the floor. This bracelet was a memorial bracelet with a rainbow bridge symbolizing the journey of a dog onto the rainbow bridge and into heaven (and meeting the dog once again on the rainbow bridge). So, I got my father the rainbow bridge bracelet as a way to keep her memory alive right at his wrist everyday, so we will never forget her in doggy heaven. The bracelet fit him, and he really liked the purchase. Both bracelets came with a slip of paper telling all about the proceeds and charity work.

As for the last purchase, I was randomly scrolling on the site and came across the coffee, which reminded me of my friend. My friend drinks a lot of coffee, has a Keurig she got from another friend, and wants to be a vet (she really loves animals). So coffee that tastes good and helps rescue dogs, plus a great “cheer up, you got this” surprise—perfect for her! She has not opened the coffee yet, so the verdict of taste is unclear, but she seemed to really like the idea. 

All in all, I really liked the products, the charity message behind the products, and the company itself! BRB, going to buy more stuff. I will leave you with this dog GIF casually reminding you to support those you love most and visit iHeartDogs.com.

Happy shopping!

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