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Reasons Why “Love, Simon” Is An Important Movie for Everyone

Love, Simon may seem like just another teen drama, rom-com, but there is so much more to the story, and that’s because the love story focuses on Simon Spier, a closeted, gay teen. While some people might not see the big deal about this, that is because these people are used to seeing themselves portrayed on screen in countless movies and adaptations. Another reason people might not see the greatness of this movie is that there are other LGBTQA films out there, but these films target an adult audience, heavily focus on aesthetic, and typically end unpleasantly. 

Love, Simon is currently one-of-a-kind, written and made for the youthful audience and has every ounce of familiarity and fun that any teen wants to see. Despite the story’s ups and downs, spoiler alert, the film ends positively for Simon. This delivers a positive message for every gay teen out there, and Love, Simon does even better by normalizing queerness and the process of coming out. The movie tells its audience that it’s okay to come out at a time of your choice, no matter how long it takes, and only to who you want to know. 

Through its process of normalization, Love, Simon is careful to avoid any negative stereotypes surrounding the LGBTQA community, although certain characters fall victim to bullying because of his or her sexuality. The bullying is never portrayed in an agreeable lighting, and so not only are the bullies hated by the audience, but by other characters as well, including students and teachers who are quick to enforce tolerance and acceptance. 

Love, Simon is a gem for gay teens and everyone else. The film teaches acceptance by family, friends and yourself, but the best part is that this gem opens the door for more future films, books and other forms of media out there starring all sides of the LGBTQA community, including: people of color, gay women, bisexuals, the transgender community, and so forth. 

Love, Simon set out to spread love and did just that.

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