Reactions to My Engagement as Told by Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay

When you’ve been dating someone for four years, and you’ve known the whole time—I want to marry you—you’re waiting on pins and needles for the big day. When is it going to be “the day”? I’m talking about me here. This has been my experience, but the big day finally happened—I got engaged, and it was more amazing and spectacular than I could have asked for or imagined. So for all you ladies out there in similar positions as me, take some comfort and some laughs from my experience as told by our favorite gal—Rachel Lindsay, from the Bachelorette.

After nearly four years, I began repeating this phrase more times than I can count. Remember… I do want an engagement. At some point you will propose, right? Not to worry—everything was in good hands. To all of you: take a breath, and remember that he has been thinking of this day just as long as you. Trust that he’s got it all figured out!

He will do it! He will propose! Now, you’ll need a hug and a kiss and someone to pinch you. Are you dreaming? Is that sparkly thing really on your finger?

There are so, so many details that go into making the day happen, and although the people working behind the scenes may not feel everything was “perfect”, to you, the gal who knows of nothing happening in the background, it truly was perfect.

Four [or insert your number here] years later you have finally traded in “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” for fiancé! Yay! You will treasure this sweet time for sure.

It’s time to do the happy dance. He put a ring on it, and you said yes. It’s going to be hard to wipe this smile off your face!

Thank you, Rachel, for being so relatable. Now, go enjoy this time and the beautiful journey ahead.


Cover photo by Sydney Lord.