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Post-Determinate: What the Cast of Lemonade Mouth did After the Movie

I was inspired to watch Lemonade Mouth on Disney Plus when I watched a recent video by one of my favorite YouTubers, Danny Gonzalez, where he watched Lemonade Mouth for the first time and reviewed it. It’s always weird watching movies you loved when you were younger as an adult. It was really funny to see him watching it because he had no nostalgia associated with the film at all, so he didn’t pull any punches when discussing the movie. I watched the movie, jammed out to Determinate, and left wondering where the members of the iconic band are today. I launched a thorough internet investigation—I can guarantee they’re not all what you expect.

Bridgit Mendler, Olivia

Lead singer Olivia was shy, lived with her Grandma, and apparently the whole movie was her letter to her imprisoned father. In real life, Bridget was a familiar face on Disney Channel, as she also starred in Good Luck Charlie. She’s also released two albums with bops like “Ready or Not” and “Blonde”. She got married a little less than a year ago to Griffin Cleverly and is currently at Harvard studying law.

Adam Hicks, Wen

This one… is a lot. Wen charmed us with his piano-playing skills and enthusiasm for the band, but real life hasn’t been so charming. He was also a Disney Channel favorite, starring on Zeke and Luther, and Disney XD, starring on Pair of Kings. Things took a dark turn when he was arrested in 2018 for multiple counts of armed robberies. He remains in prison to this day.

Naomi Scott, Mo

Mo took a little bit of convincing to join the band, but she made such a big impact! She sang, played bass, and her choice in boyfriends turns out not to be so bad after all at the end of the movie. Naomi has arguably had the most success since Lemonade Mouth as she starred as Princess Jasmine in the live-action remake of Aladdin. Before that, she starred in the live-action Power Rangers movie.

Blake Michael, Charlie

Lemonade Mouth’s drummer filled a pretty typical archetype for the movie—he couldn’t live up to the long shadow cast by his successful older brother, and he dealt with unrequited love for Mo throughout the film. I had no idea that he was only 13 when they filmed Lemonade Mouth and I am… not okay with this new information. In real life, if you’re noticing a theme, he was on Disney Channel’s Dog with a Blog for a few years. In 2019, he was in an indie film, Princess of the Row, but his Instagram has been filled with lots of surfing photos recently (and he’s also active on TikTok!).

Hayley Kiyoko, Stella

Ah, Stella—she always questioned authority. She was the backbone of the band and represented the peak of late 2000’s fashion. Her biggest movie was probably Lemonade Mouth, but she’s made even more of an impact in the music industry. She’s released a full length album and an EP, giving us pop anthems  like “Curious” and “Demons”.

With the exception of Adam Hicks, I’d say that the Lemonade Mouth members generally turned out better than your average child stars. Disney remained in all of their lives for at least a little while after Lemonade Mouth, which isn’t a huge surprise as Disney loved reusing popular actors that they’d discovered. If you haven’t seen this movie in a while, you can watch it on Disney Plus and marvel at how Charlie was only 13 during filming… now that’s wild.

Laura is a fourth-year Communication Studies major with a Spanish minor at UGA. She spent a semester working at Disney and can say with confidence that lovebugs are not as great as the iconic Jonas Brothers song made them out to be.
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