A Podcast Fit for a Khaleesi: 2 Dope Queens

If you’re a podcast listener, this is for you. If you have never heard a podcast in your life, this is definitely for you. This industry has never been hotter, and with this new wave of outspoken young people, we are lucky to have a podcast that is socially woke, opinionated, diverse and most importantly dope. Yassss, I’m talking about the very spectacular podcast that speaks to the soul, "2 Dope Queens".

This brilliant filled source of sound consists of two amazing coco Khaleesi’s named Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson. These women both come from a background of comedy. Jessica was a writer on "The Daily Show" and Phoebe was a consultant on the Comedy Central show "Broad City", so we already know they’re crazy talented. Listening to them is like the point in a conversation with friends after couple of strong beverages when things start getting funnier and very real. What’s even greater about them is that they use their platform to help get the word out about new and upcoming comedians by showcasing their talent.  As a college student, 2 Dope Queens gave me an opportunity to escape reality and distract myself from what most students in their second or third year of college focus on: pointing out problematic views in order to win a socially-understood contest on who is “woker”; occasionally worrying about whether we will find our soulmate after college because, of course, our biological clock is ticking; and whether that degree we are pursuing, no matter how odd or obscure it may be, will get us a job.

Do you prefer to see or listen to things with a screen instead of listening to a podcast? These queens have a new 4-part HBO special titled 2 Dope Queens that is laugh out loud funny! They talk about things ranging from hair and dating problems to the political climate. College can be miserable (at least the loads of homework and tests part), so why not make it bearable and amusing by listening to this podcast? You may be surprised how much you like them…actually, you will be surprised of how much you love them because they’re DOPE!

Cover photo from Pixel Party.

Gif from Giphy.