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The People You See on Valentine’s Day, as Told by ‘HIMYM’

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UGA chapter.

Whether you hate it or love it, Valentine’s Day is going to happen regardless. The pink and red decorations, the chocolate hearts, and the endless supply of teddy bears either causes you to run the other way or get you excited about the season of love. Whatever feelings you have for February 14, you have to admit that you see the same archetypical people and couples every year. Here are the 13 kinds of people you can expect to see with the help of How I Met Your Mother!

1. The single guy trying to pick up girls at the bar

    You know that one “Barney” that uses this day as an excuse to pick up singles.

    2. The basically married couple

    We either hate them, love them, or want to be them. Whatever the case, they have their shit together.

    3. The recent single

    They may not have expected to spend this holiday alone, but it may be for the best!

    4. The new/’what are we?’ couple

    The awkward stage of not knowing what the relationship is creates a nightmare trying to figure out Valentine’s Day.

    5. The low-key couple

    They’re over it.

    6. The single who has Godiva chocolate with them at all times during the day

    This is all of us at one point or another. A girl can’t help it if the best chocolate sales are in February.

    7. The girl that gives no fucks

    It’s just a day, right?

    8. The last-minute shopper

    All of us have our talents. It might not be gifting and that’s alright.

    9. The Galentine’s day crew

    We all need to experience a Galentine’s Day. Grab your friends and enjoy a single ladies’ night out. It’s okay to be “The Woo Girls” once in a while!

    10. The Gifter

    There’s always that one friend that is perfect at picking out gifts. 

    11. The hopeless romantic who is single

    You will find him/her one day! Don’t give up!

    12. The one that says ‘I love you’ too soon


    13. The over-the-top couple

    They like to remind everyone that they’re a couple, in case anybody has forgotten, with copious social media posts.

    Whatever person/couple you are, embrace it!