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Dear future students, 

Hello friends! My name is Ms. Sinon, and hopefully, if things have gone according to plan, I am teaching you middle school science or social studies! I am working hard to become the best teacher for you, and even though I haven’t met you yet, I already love and care so much about all of you.

There are three promises that I want to make to each and every single one of you. First, I promise to always be an advocate for you. There are so many decisions being made for you behind the scenes—people are choosing which classes to put you in, what career pathways to show you, what extra services to offer you, who they think you need to sit next to, how to adminster tests to you, how you will demonstrate your success at school—and I promise to always give you a voice in these conversations, especially when you aren’t there. I promise to keep your very best interests in mind and advocate for you and the incredibly bright future I know you have. 

I also promise to make my classroom a safe space for you. I am working hard to learn how to create a space that is loving and welcoming for every one of you, and I promise to make a conscious effort every day to maintain a space that respects all perspectives. I promise to teach you more about other ways to look at the world and create spaces where we can respectfully talk about the things we are passionate about. I promise to fully accept you as you are and embrace your beautiful differences.

The last promise is a big one: I promise to make our class a fun one! I promise to come to our class fully prepared so that you can focus on your learning. I promise to work to create meaningful lessons that engage and excite you. I promise to ask you what is working and what isn’t working and cater our classes to you. I promise to make science and social studies more fun than you ever imagined!

I am so very excited to meet all of you, friends! 

Ms. Sinon

Kenzie is an education major.
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