October In College As Told By Halloweentown

October in college is a stressful, yet amazing, time in the semester. The cool weather has finally arrived and spooky season has begun. We can't wait to engage in spooky activities all month long. What better way to depict these fall college moments than with a Disney Halloween classic: Halloweentown. 

1. Spooky Szn Begins

The moment October first hits, it's time for all things spooky. It's time to rewatch all the Halloween classics that we've all come to know and love. Break out the pumpkins and pumpkin spice lattes because the Halloween season is here. 

2. But Midterm Season Came Along With It

In October we find ourselves in the middle of the semester. Naturally, midterms also happen at this time. Midterm season is a time we've all come to dread. We're going along just fine, seemingly able to handle all these assignments that school throws at us but then we all of the sudden have four tests in three days. We can't wait for it to be over. 

3. Time For All Things Fall 

Time to go to the pumpkin patch and pick out some pumpkins to carve and stick candles inside them. It's also time to get all those spooky treats that come around once a year. You've got your candy corn, caramel apples and Halloween cookies that will have you enjoying the season. 

4. The Group Projects Start Up

In addition to all the assignments you already have, your professors hand you a group project. Of course, the members of your group seem to care about everything else except for the group project itself. You find yourself stressing about having to do most of the project by yourself. You just can't wait for it to be over. 

5. Will It Really Matter If We Miss One Class? 

Every day, our motivation to go to class diminishes. As the mornings get colder, it's suddenly harder and harder to get out of bed. But attendance is weighted so much in each of our classes, so we somehow find the will to force ourselves to attend. 

6. We Still Have Hope That We Can Turn Our Grades Around

We may not have done so hot on our first tests of the semester so it's time to do some damage control. We somehow still have hope that we can turn things around and get our grades up. It is mathematically possible, right? 

7. Our Bank Account Can't Seem To Go Any Lower

Our bank account has reached new lows and we're suddenly unable to get anything other than insufficient funds when we try to buy even the cheapest of items. We're hitting up our parents for a little extra spending money to get us through the months until winter break and Christmas. 

8. More Assignments Are Piled On 

In addition to the midterms and projects we have, our professors keep adding on assignments. They all seem to think that their class is the only one on our schedule and that giving us ten assignments is completely do-able. We find ourselves staying up later and later and seeing less and less of our friends as we struggle to get all our work done. Will the end ever be in sight? 

9. You Start To Contemplate Dropping Out

You spend your nights questioning if you are truly cut out for college. What if you drop out and become the next Bill Gates? Somehow we find the strength to push through our classes and finish the semester, because you can't drop your classes more than halfway through the semester. 

10. Halloween Night Is Finally Here! Bring On The Shenanigans 

The night we've all been waiting for is here! Time to go out and have a spooky night with all our friends. For one night we forget about all our responsibilities and dress up as our favorite characters. Halloween is here! 

After we somehow manage to survive midterm season, the next thing we look forward to is the holiday season. We can't wait for the semester to be over and we all finally get the rest we deserve. Happy Halloween!