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Nike Is Getting Lit, Literally—Angry Nike Patrons Are Burning Shoes In Protest

During the NFL season opener Nike dropped a bombshell—the infamous Colin Kaepernick commercial on their 30th anniversary.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years, then you may be wondering why this is such a controversy. Kaepernick is a former 49ers football player who chose to not rise for the national anthem. He did this in an effort to give voice to the voiceless and protest many issues of African-Americans—police brutality and shootings, systemic racism, etc. This upset many people and eventually Kaepernick was fired, but his impact remained. Fast forward to present day, he stars in a single commercial and is shown to be endorsed by Nike, angering many people all over again. It appeared that Nike was supporting a person who was anti-American and unpatriotic.

Those embittered, previously Nike-supporting-patrons decided they did not want to be affiliated with the company any further. So, Nike products are decidedly being destroyed, burned, and banned in select households. The hashtag “#JustBurnIt” became popular among anti-Nike social media warriors, usually accompanied by videos or pictures of burning/cut up products. Situations have even escalated on a grander scale than nameless individuals. The mayor Ben Zahn III of Kenner, LA took such offense that he banned Nike products from the city’s recreation centers. It’s so serious that a liberal arts Christian college, the College of the Ozarks, has made the executive decision to get rid of their Nike-branded uniforms.

Unsurprisingly, Nike’s stock has not been negatively affected and their stock has closed at a record high $83.47 per share. Hopefully the lack of effect of their actions and the public scrutiny will lead to a stop in the destruction of innocent shoes. A solution to those out there who suddenly regret being an owner of a Nike product is to sell it, or donate to others in need.

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