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A pivotal part of every college student’s experience is eating in the dining halls at their school. UGA dining halls are notoriously better than other dining halls at neighboring schools. However, UGA dining halls definitely aren’t perfect. As a vegetarian, I’ve struggled to get enough variety in my diet, and the vegetarian options that are available aren’t always good. Here is my ranking depending on my experiences at the dining halls.


Bigger does not always mean better, and that’s the case with UGA’s largest dining hall. The first day I moved in, I had a salad that had rotten veggies and almost got food poisoning. I also got sick another time after getting Bolton food, so I make it a point to avoid it. My options are limited and it’s definitely not my favorite. 

joe frank

Joe Frank has great options when all the food is good. Their curly fries are to die for and, when fresh, they have really good salad. However, the options are definitely limited and if the salad is bad, or the pasta is overcooked, the chances of getting good food to eat are slim. 


The 24-hour dining hall is probably the one I go to the most. I love their grilled cheese; they typically have the best salad, and breakfast is so convenient in the mornings. But again, I feel like the options are still limited, like with Joe Frank.

Oglethorpe (O’House)

This place has the greatest mac n cheese, and I will wait in the O’Hacienda line for 30 minutes when I really need a quesadilla. Yes, the options here aren’t as diverse as some of the other dining halls, but I just find the quality of the food so good compared to the other dining halls, putting it in second place.

the niche

This dining hall is by far the greatest one at UGA. It has personal made-to-order pizza, fresh salad, and overall good quality food and desserts. It has weird hours, so it is really hard to get to the dining hall, but when the chance arises, it is by far the best dining hall on UGA’s campus. 

Overall, UGA dining is better than campus dining at other schools. However, there are still ways to go for good vegetarian options at all the dining halls. Overall, I’m glad that I go to UGA, because I know that it’s really hard for vegetarians to get any food in all college dining halls, and UGA is definitely better than most schools. If you’ve tried UGA dining, what do you think of it?

Medhini is a first year student at UGA, majoring in Cell Biology, on the premed track, and minoring in the Classics. She listens to Taylor Swift 24/7, and loves to read. Follow her bookstagram @storyofusmedsversion!