My Experience in UGA's Student Government Association's First-Year Program

One thing that should be pointed out is how coming into a new environment is not so easy. You leave your whole life at home, and you are dumping yourself into a place that is frightfully strange to the point that you might remain in your room most days. You see everyone else laughing and joining all of these organizations that keep them busy and have study groups that allow them to go through life happier. And all anyone wants is to find a key to happiness. I found this and more through my part in the University of Georgia's Student Government Association, and here's how.


Through loads of rigorous work, UGA's Student Government Association First Year Program gave me a new light on what college life could offer me. The first thing that brought joy into my heart was the instant community that surrounded the organization. You have three directors then hundreds of freshmen are separated into groups with PA's (Personal Advisors) who align with your interest and personality. Already it was a great start because you are grouped together with others with similar personalities or interests as you. Also, you can venture to other groups because they all have something interesting about them or even they are there when you need someone to listen to your struggle. 

Ted Talks

I am not the only one who looks forward to Ted Talks. In moments when you are in a rut, you doubt your knowledge and your major. You are one hundred percent sure that you are ready to throw in the towel when all of a sudden you get a much needed inspirational speech about how amazing you are, and if you're not struggling you're in the right place, and going out and doing something is a perfect start to an amazing story. As you keep listening to every guest speaker and PA, you learn that you are never alone in your struggle. Everyone wants to reach the top but there is always an obstacle that they must overcome.


We all love to give back to our community, so why not join a group that is all for being supportive in the Athens-Clarke Community. Sadly, the University of Georgia's surroundings are known to be poor. So for college students to go out and give back to the community is truly incredible. From cheering those on at Ath-Half to handing out food to those who are homeless downtown, it is beneficial to both the volunteers' mind and the people's hearts of the community. It is an incredible experience to take part in. 

Overall, I must say that being a part of Forum's First Year Program allowed me to open up a lot more in a sense of community and experience. I know that there are people all around that are willing to help because now they are family now. This is the family I go to when I have a problem and I need to get away from what is considered the struggles of college.