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Male Delivery: If a Guy Isn’t Texting Back Should I Be Concerned?

Dear Male Delivery,
If a guy rarely texts me back in a timely manner or I often have to text first should I be worried?

If a guy rarely texts you back in a timely manner or you often have to text first you should be worried to some extent.  Texting is one of the laziest things you can do to contact someone, and that’s why guys love it. It is the perfect way to contact girls because a text message cannot convey true expressions and a guy can always argue that you misunderstood what they were saying. When in fact we meant exactly what we texted you, especially if it was something that can be taken sexually.  To a guy, texting is perfect because in all honesty most guys do not want to really hangout with a girl and hear about all their personal issues. We claim we do, but we just want to make you believe that we are different from every other guy who has tried to approach you. A text message allows us to see what type of girl you are without actually having to spend time with you.

Now that I have stated why guys like texting, I will explain why your relationship is in trouble if a guy isn’t texting you back in a timely manner. First off, I just want to say that a timely manner is not within the first hour. I hate when a girl complains that I didn’t text her back fast enough when it has only been an hour. It makes guys think you are clingy. Getting back to the topic at hand, the reason your relationship is in trouble if a guy is not texting you first is simply because he is not thinking about you.  This is really bad because guys think about girls all day long and if you are his girl and he is still not texting you he is probably thinking about somebody else. This doesn’t mean he is cheating necessarily but it does mean that he is thinking of other girls and that is never good. My advice to you would be to either text him more interesting stuff that he can relate to or don’t text him at all and make him wonder what you are up to. If you always text a guy first, he will think that you are dependent on him and he will slowly start to take you for granted.Guys are selfish, even though we may be starting to lose interest, we do not want our girl to start talking to anyone else. Show him that you don’t need him; you are with him because you want to be not because you need to be. Show him you are independent, it will only make him want you more. Trust me all guys want girls that they think are unattainable.

My advice only applies to girls who are actually in a relationship. If you are just talking to a guy and he isn’t texting you back, he is not interested. It’s sad, but it’s best you know. If you and a guy have just met and he is not texting you back, please stop texting him. When a guy and a girl first meet, the guy is always at his best. If he is not texting you the way you want at the very beginning, it is not going to work. The right guy is out there and you should not be wasting your time with this guy.
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