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Male Delivery: Do guys like bad girls?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UGA chapter.

Dear Male Delivery,

Do guys like bad girls?

This life-long question continues to cycle through generation after generation. The bad girl persona has been successfully pulled off for what seems like an eternity, but does it really work?

Unfortunately, in some cases it does. And I will tell you why.

Men are not very complex much to the chagrin of anyone in pursuit of their hearts. We are easy to understand because we fall into undeniable patterns that personally drive my brain up the wall. As a male, I have seen countless occurrences with the same result occurring 98% of the time without fail. Are you ready for this?

Well, it begins with a desire. Guys have the innate desire for something obscure that sparks their interest. Cars, free food, anything with the words “Kate Upton” attached to it. You bet those are things that spark a common guy’s interest. Here are a couple things that spark our interest that you wouldn’t necessarily guess. A good place to start is a tattoo. Personally I do no find them appealing, but the common male sees the permanent body art as something out of the ordinary and satisfies our interest. Passion is another example. For better or for worse, passion can be used as a catalyst for sparking a guy’s interest. If a girl/guy is passionate about something in life, I can guarantee that a male is more inclined to find out where that passion comes from or if he shares that same passion.

This is where the bad girl persona fits in perfectly with a guy’s predictable cravings. A bad girl persona catches the attention of a typical person, but I would say even more so to a male looking for love. Guys are constantly searching for something that stimulates their brain so they can spread news. Bad girls are the lethal combination to satisfy a male’s desire to have their interest sparked. Primarily because it contains the word girl, but there are secondary reasons. Guys see bad girls as an opportunity to be hands-on all the time. Now this can be taken as a poorly-timed pun (which is basically true) or something that allows the guy to be active in a relationship (also true). A bad girl means, in guy terms, that there is a raging bull to be lassoed and guys are stupid enough to try and wrangle up that bull.

Does it always work? Not a chance. Does it always happen? Pretty much.

But there are exceptions. Praise the Lord. There are exceptions. If you are fed up with this trend, you do not need to worry because there IS IN FACT an exception.

Every guy still has the desire to have their interests sparked, but there are plenty ways to fulfill that desire without being a “bad girl.” Here is one. Have awesome hair. Pretty simple. Hair is one of the things that guys naturally look for. Especially if your hair is something out of the ordinary. Guys will spend any available second they have sneaking a peek at your lovely locks. It’s true. I find myself guilty of this sometimes. This is not meant to be associated with any weird connotation. It is just something that simply sparks a man’s interest. Story telling is another. If you want to capture the interest of a guy, be an amazing story teller. Captivate your male audience with what happened last night. You can also try to like, not say like, like every third word. Like. Yeah. You will have your dream guy’s eyes and ears on you in no time if you become a riveting story teller.

If you listen to these tips, the bad girls will be forced to just turn on each other and exterminate their own population. I would love to see that in my life time. As of right now, we are waiting for this seemingly endless cycle to end and for the good girls to prevail.


Your Real Live College Guy

Just a real live campus guy living life like I know how.
A student journalist at the University of Georgia, Brittini Ray has been writing for HCUGA since fall 2011. This past spring, she became the president of Her Campus UGA. Brittini also interns for zpolitics.com. She hopes to learn more about news and the journalsim industry.   Follow Brittini on Twitter