Make the Most of Manhattan: 5 Iconic NYC Landmarks to Visit

Every girl should have New York City on their travel bucket list. With over 8 million people and over 300 square miles of city, there are hundreds of things you could do! Here are five things to do in the Big Apple to have the full New York City experience in one trip.

1. Go to Times Square

Times Square is the hub of New York City. Home to Broadway, Madame Tussauds, and dozens of other attractions, you can partake in so many different activities. With its bright lights, busy billboard ads and exciting street entertainment, Times Square is one of the most memorable spots in the city and is not something you want to miss.

2. Check out Central Park

It can get kind of overwhelming being surrounded by giant skyscrapers, concrete and millions of other people. Central Park switches things up a bit. You could rent bikes, have a picnic, check out spots from your favorite movies or shows (for all you Gossip Girl lovers), or take a stroll to Central Park Zoo (yes, they do have penguins). When you feel like you're ready to conquer the rest of New York, stop by the Plaza Hotel near the South East end of Central Park and have a tea party! 

3. Visit The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is another New York staple. Built in 1886, the statue has greeted millions of immigrants who have entered the United States through Ellis Island. You can take a ferry to Liberty Island, visit the Statue of Liberty museum and even take a tour inside her crown!

4. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge connects the buroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge gives you a great view of downtown New York and gives you the opportunity to check out some of the neat parts of Brooklyn, too.

5. Watch the New York City skyline from the top of the Rock

My absolute favorite part of New York City is Rockefeller Center. At the top of Rockefeller is an observatory deck that gives you the most breathtaking view of Manhattan’s skyline. Not only is it a picture perfect photo opportunity, but it is unforgettable and will have you fall head over heels for the city.

Safe travels, and welcome to New York!