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The Launch of the Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson Conspiracy Collection

The biggest makeup launch of quite possibly the entire beauty community went live on Friday, Nov. 1. I know I, like so many others, have been anxiously waiting for the reveal of this amazing collection by Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star. The infamous collection contains enough products to make anyone want to spend the money to get them. In the collection there is the Conspiracy Palette, the Mini Controversy Palette, mirrors, a lip collection, and an entire array of makeup bags to choose from. The launch of this collection has built up over the last year since Dawson’s last docu-series with Jeffree Star launched on his channel. The collection is certainly going to be remembered, but not just for being makeup. 

Shane’s first documentary with Jeffree stunned many with its heartwarming and in-depth look into Star’s life and how he isn’t some shallow influencer that everyone seemed to make him out to be. This first series set off a chain of events where Dawson and Star saw the perfect opportunity to collab and create a product for everyone. This collection has been long-awaited and the marketing for it has certainly lived up to the hype. Over the past few weeks Dawson has been releasing episodes of a series called The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star on his YouTube channel. Each episode encompasses a different part of the process of creating a makeup palette and lipsticks, which has not only become the perfect way to showcase the release of the collection, but has also allowed for an inside look into the beauty world that no one had ever ventured into. These episodes have become some of the most popular on YouTube over the past month, many of them ranging from 14 to 24 million views and have left so many waiting anxiously for the awaited launch. 

The launch was set for 10 a.m PST on Friday, Nov. 1 and it was monumentous, not only because of the makeup but also the impact it had on the Internet as a whole. When the collection officially launched millions of people took to the Internet to try and grab their own palette or lipstick, but the amount of traffic crashed the entire server that Star uses to support his website. Star and Dawson knew that the palette was likely to sell out soon after the launch but they didn’t foresee the actual amount of people that would be on the website at once. The server Star uses to support his website, Shopify, completely crashed and caused the website to be down for around two to three hours. People were extremely upset, to say the least. However once the site was finally working again, the palette had completely sold out on all platforms! Within the next two days the entire collection was sold out worldwide!

Although I haven’t been able to grab one of these palettes for myself, I know me and millions of others are patiently wating for the restock so we can finally see the wonder and greatness of the Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson collection.

Megan is studying Economics at UGA. She finds herself reading, writing, bullet journaling, and spending time with friends in her free time. She loves traveling and hopes to visit every continent someday, while expanding her extensive pen and stationary collection.
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