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King of Pops

It all started a few years ago on a trip to Mexico. Brothers Steve and Nick Carse were travelling around the country and frequently saw people selling “paletas”or “popsicles” on the street. Inspired by this concept, the brothers thought a similar business could work back home in Atlanta. After returning home, Steve, who had recently left the corporate world of AIG, took a chance and went for the business. Thus, the King of Pops was born! Steve started crafting his gourmet popsicles out of his house and in the spring of 2010, began selling them out of a cart at the busy Atlanta intersection of North Avenue and N. Highland. The business had become much more successful than anticipated; soon after, Steve rented a kitchen space in the neighborhood of Inman Park and got full time help in the form of his brothers. Because the business had become such a success, the King of Pops set up shop in other Atlanta locations like the Decatur square, Woodruff Park and Emory University. The company didn’t stop there; it continued to expand in and outside of I-285.

In the summer of 2011, Athens had the good fortune to get its own King of Pops stand at the corner of College Ave and E. Clayton. Though their 2011 season was not as successful as they had hoped, they managed to develop a loyal following. Luckily, the King of Pops is back in Athens for another season with big plans in store! They’ve brought with them the popular classics like “banana pudding”, “chocolate sea salt” and “blackberry mojito”, but are always changing up the menu. The King of Pops plans to expand in Athens this season. The company is currently in the process of developing a mobile unit; using a converted mail truck to sell their pops around town. They plan to start selling their products at home football games come September, guaranteed to be a huge success on hot Saturday afternoons. The King of Pops is also working with other local businesses like Jittery Joe’s to start selling their popsicles wholesale. For now though, you can find the King of Pops cart in the parking lot of Cali n Tito’s, their new headquarters. For $2.50 each, the tasty and unique delights are a refreshing way to beat the heat! If you have yet to savor a King of Pops “pop”, it’s time you take a trip to Lumpkin Street and enjoy the icy deliciousness! The King of Pops operates daily from 3-8PM weekdays and 12-8PM on weekends.
Want to keep track of where the “King” is and what’s on the menu for each day? Check out their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter @kingofpopsATH

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