'Insatiable' Season 2 is Finally Here

*spoilers ahead*

In case you’ve completely forgotten about the dark-comedy series, Insatiable, here’s a reminder that the second season is returning to Netflix this October. Fans of the show are more than ready for its release—considering the first season ended over a year ago—but no one is completely sure what to expect.

For anyone who needs a recap, Insatiable follows a bullied teenager (Debby Ryan) who turns to beauty pageants as a way of revenge towards her tormenters. The first season of the show consisted of 11 episodes following newly-found beauty queen, Patty, as she seems to encounter every single potential problem and surprise twist as she competes and lives as a high schooler. However, the season one finale left multiple cliffhangers in regards to where the second season may be going. So we hope that a few big questions will find answers as we see another season of her journey.

Season one ended with a few big shockers for the fans viewing the show. What had initially been a raunchy teen show following typical high school drama had turned quickly into something much darker. In the final episodes, Patty ended up killing her stalker ex-boyfriend, Christian. And to make matters worse, Bob and Patty's attempt to hide the body in a car at the bottom of a lake fails as the car doesn’t sink. Then the finale continues as Patty confesses to her pageant coach that she believes she could have killed Stella Rose as well.

With so many cliffhangers in the first season, viewers can expect to see multiple answers when the second season is released. With the first season ending with Christian’s body not being properly hidden, it’s assumed that it will be discovered by someone else. Fans also expect to see whether there is a formal police investigation linking Patty and Bob to the crime or not and the true answer to whether or not Stella Rose was killed by Patty. In light of all of the first season’s drama, there will no doubt be plenty of more controversies to come in the upcoming season. It’s likely that watchers of the show will also see continued character development in the show’s star. However, it’s unclear whether or not Patty will continue to spiral down into a deeper psychological rage or if the second season will more or less provide a “come-to-Jesus” moment for the troubled girl. 

Although the first season brought a load of controversy and talk on the show’s general theme, it seems that people are still anxious to see what the second season has in store. Take the next few days to make sure you’re caught up on the first season (or maybe even rewatch the whole thing) and make sure to check Netflix on Oct. 11, 2019 to see what the next season of Insatiable has in store.