I Watched Hocus Pocus for the First Time and I Had Thoughts

For some reason, I just never watched Hocus Pocus when I was growing up. I knew that it was a Halloween movie about three witches, but other than that I had no clue what it was going to be about. Here are some thoughts I had while I was watching the movie for the first time!

  1. 1. Did people from LA in the early 90's actually like tie-dye that much?

    The fashion is always interesting in 90's movies, but the tie-dye fashion is kind of funny to me, especially now that it's making a comeback (but in more pastel tones). Special shoutout to the peace sign tapestry in Max's room!

  2. 2. The witches' accents are kind of annoying, but I did get used to them.

    I get that they're supposed to be from the 1600s, but it took me a while to get used to their voices. It just seemed so overdone, especially in the modern-day scenes.

  3. 3. Are we just going to skip over the weird talk about Max being a virgin?

    I mean, it's part of the spell and all, but when the fake police officer was asking if Max was really a virgin, it was a little weird. And his sister kept bringing it up? 

  4. 4. Sarah Jessica Parker is truly living her best life.

    I didn't even realize that this was SJP at first—but this is so different from the romcoms that I've seen her in, so I don't blame myself. She always had the weirdest lines and added a lot of humor. Amok! Amok! Amok!

  5. 5. The devil scene was weird and kind of unnecessary.

    I don't really understand the point of this scene besides throwing the sisters into another random 20th century setting—why would the guy even let these three weird women into his house? That's not usually a thing on Halloween, especially since he wasn't throwing a party or anything. Needless to say, the scene wasn't my favorite.

  6. 6. I think we all knew the two bullies were going to end up in trouble... but really?

    I get that they're mean and stole Max's shoes and all of that. But he's really going to leave them locked up in literal cages with no way to get out? It seems a little harsh. I was waiting for them to have a heart-to-heart with Max and change, but I guess they don't get redemption.

  7. 7. Is no one going to talk about the mom's Halloween costume?

    I doubt very much that an average LA mom would be wearing this in a new town to make good impressions on all of her new neighbors.

  8. 8. "I Put a Spell on You" felt very Kenny Ortega.

    I don't know why, but it just did.

  9. 9. Why didn't the kiln kill the witches?

    This is never explained, and I really don't understand how they survived. I guess I'll chalk it up to ~witchy power~.

  10. 11. Binx saying this to Dani was strange, right?

    It was cute when she wanted to take care of him as a cat, but the kiss on the cheek was a bit much.

  11. 12. The second movie is sure to be interesting!

    Disney Plus is slated to make a second Hocus Pocus movie, but it's unclear when it'll be out due to COVID-19 interrupting production schedules.

Trust me, I had plenty of other thoughts, but these were the ones that stood out the most! Do I think it lived up to the hype? I mean, it's not my favorite Halloween movie (Halloweentown series all the way!), but I can see the appeal, especially for people who grew up watching it. You can watch Hocus Pocus on Freeform all October long (here's their full 31 Nights of Halloween schedule!) and stream it anytime on Disney Plus. Happy haunting!