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How to Have a Christmas Girls Night In — COVID-19 Style!

It's getting closer to Christmas, and I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait to celebrate with my friends! This year can be difficult to plan things with COVID-19 still running rampant through dorms and universities, but I am here to help you plan the perfect, pandemic version of a Girls Night In! 

For me personally, I know that my three closest gal pals are all being really careful with COVID-19, and we all get tested weekly. I know that is not the reality for everyone, as I know tests are not as easily accessible for everyone! If you and your gals can’t meet in person, plan a virtual night in with Zoom or FaceTime!

Get in your coziest jammies!

It is imperative that your pajamas are cozy and cute! I love these ones from Old Navy and Five Below! Also, get on some slippers, and choose a throw blanket to cozy up with!


If you are with your girls IRL, make sure to pre-package snacks in individual baggies or wrappers. That way no one is sharing snacks or touching other people’s food. If you’re over Zoom, maybe try a new recipe and all cook it together on a group call! Here’s a cute and quick recipe from Pinterest to give you an idea!

Hot Cocoa!

You have to have some hot cocoa with extra marshmallows if you want to have a proper Christmas night in! Brew up some of your favorites, and don’t forget the toppings! If you’re IRL, make sure to pre-package this as well! Here’s a cute alternative to all digging in the marshmallow bag at once!

Christmas Movies!

Choose a Christmas movie to watch together! If you’re on Zoom, have one friend share their screen with the movie, that way you can all watch the movie together and see each other's reactions! If you’re IRL, set up socially-distant spots in front of the TV so you can all watch together from a distance.


Now since we can’t be all close to one another, each take a selfie in front of your tree or with your hot cocoa, and make a collage of all of your photos together! If you are good with photoshop, maybe try photoshopping everyone into the same photo! It’s guaranteed to make someone laugh!

Face Masks!

I highly recommend everyone does a face mask at some point in the night! It’s a great way to relax with one another, and you can get these Christmas themed masks from Target! They look a little strange, so don’t forget to take a photo or screenshot of your group Facetime!


The key to a fabulous Girls Night In is the music! Some of my favorites for a Christmas themed evening include "Santa Tell Me" by Ariana Grande, "Mistletoe" by Justin Bieber, "Last Christmas" by Taylor Swift, "Ribbons and Bows" by Kacey Muskgraves, "All I Want for Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey, "Jingle Bell Rock" by Bobby Helms (bonus points if you can do the Mean Girls dance to it), "Winter Things" by Ariana Grande, and "Santa’s Coming for Us" by SIA!

I hope this makes your Christmas season a little bit more fun (and safe)! Be sure to only meet in person if you are absolutely certain that you all are being 100% open and honest about how careful you are about COVID. And if there are too many of you for it to be safe, or you’re long-distance from your BFF’s, a virtual night in is a great (and safer) opportunity to get some time with your girls! 

Ashley Rose Moore is a third year student at the University of Georgia studying International Affairs and Political Science, with a minor in Communications. She is passionate about photography, politics and her family. Her dream job is to be Political Analyst or Journalist at CNN.
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