How To Dress Like Lara Jean Covey

Yes, of course we're obsessed with To All The Boys I've Loved Before. Yes, of course we're obsessed with Peter Kavinsky. Something that needs to be talked about more is how obsessed we are with Lara Jean's style in TATBILB. You're lying, if you didn't think "wow, that's such a cute skirt/dress/shirt" at least once while viewing the movie. If you're obsessed with Lara Jean's wardrobe as much as we are, we've tracked down some pieces to style yourself like Lara Jean Covey. 

Knee-high socks

Lara Jean's so school-girl chic with knee-high socks, and you can be too! Find some at Target. 


Lara Jean is crushing on Josh, and we're crushing on her overalls. Find a pair at Forever 21. 

Plaid skirt

Another school-girl chic outfit choice: plaid skirts. Not only are plaid skirts cool, when Lara Jean wears them, but they're in this season. Find one at Forever 21. 


Let's not start debating whether or not Peter should have gotten the scrunchie back from Gen, but instead let's just buy some for ourselves. Find a pack on Amazon. 


Lara Jean dresses very modestly, which is so fun. So many turtlenecks! Find one at H&M. 

A-line skirt

Lara Jean can pull off a skirt like no one else we know. Find one at H&M. 

Combat boots

PETER K THINKS THEY'RE KINDA HOT! Find a pair at Nordstrom. 

Pastel sweater

Lara Jean is a pastel soft girl queen! Find one at Target. 

Maybe if you dress more like Lara Jean, you'll find your own Peter.