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Hot Take: I’m Obsessed with Trisha Paytas

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Trisha. Paytas. If you don’t know them, look up their “I Love You Jesus” music video. Or their America’s Got Talent audition. Or any of their (weirdly popular) ASMR videos. You could start anywhere with Trisha and fall down a rabbit hole of content for hours. While they can be incredibly problematic, Trisha is the most entertaining micro celebrity out there.

Trisha is an enigma. There truly is no other way to describe them. They are known for flaunting the latest designer bags, showcasing their intricate and obviously very expensive cosplays, and their expansive home. This is where the appeal comes from. It’s like when Khloe Kardashian shows her ridiculously organized pantry. It’s so entertaining to see how the rich and famous live. Trisha is famous enough to be entertaining, but still unknown enough to be relatable. Their antics are so fascinating because it feels like it is a peek into the life of someone who wasn’t supposed to have money. I am just as captivated with how they make their money as I am how they spend it. Is it all OnlyFans money? (If you weren’t aware, Trisha is an established sex worker and has actually been in the top .01% of all OnlyFans creators.) It can’t be, right? There must be some sort of supplemental income for them to be able to afford their luxury cars and mansion in California. But what is it? This is where their enigma status comes into play. They never reveal where their money comes from, just that they have it. Which is honestly so much more entertaining than if they were forthcoming about it.

“I think my life is quite boring but apparently people like watching me eat takeout and crying about my love life.”

-Trisha Paytas

Let’s talk about their scandals. There is enough content under this topic for a one hundred thousand-word article, so here is a fan favorite. They were on a podcast called Frenemies and it is basically required listening for a true Trisha follower. They truly shine in this role and is so unintentionally hilarious that they really overshadow their co-host: Ethan Klein from the H3H3 YouTube channel. I mean, where else are you going to hear someone like Trisha insinuate that they slept with Robin Williams? But it’s the relationships behind the podcast that are really juicy. Trisha started dating Ethan’s brother-in-law, Moses, and eventually married him after calling the podcast off. They caused a huge rift in the relationships between Ethan, Moses, and their families. All this drama happened to culminate in Trisha and Moses conceiving a baby that they named Malibu Barbie. No, that’s not a typo, that is the name of a real newborn baby somewhere in California.

Whether it’s the theory that Trisha’s newborn baby is the reincarnation of recently deceased Queen Elizabeth II (please look up those memes if you haven’t seen them yet) or their constantly resurfacing video of them identifying as a chicken nugget, Trisha is no stranger to internet fame. And while most people wouldn’t call themselves a “fan” of Trisha Paytas, they have a strong following, including myself, that doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon.

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