A Holiday for Every Day in November

Grab your calendar and get ready: I’m about to give you a fun holiday to celebrate for every day of the upcoming month. Yes, some of them are a little weird … but never pass up the opportunity to celebrate!

  1. 1. Nov. 1 - National Cook for Your Pet Day

    Take the opportunity to spoil your furry friends (or your friends’ furry friends) with a home-cooked meal or treat. But make sure to read up on pet-safe recipes that your cuddle buddy can happily enjoy!

  2. 2. Nov. 2 - Book Lovers' Day

    This is finally your chance to crack open that book you’ve been meaning to read for who knows how long.

  3. 3. Nov. 3 - Sandwich Day

    Celebrate by heading to one of the dining halls to craft your own custom sandwich. Or maybe even just create your own ice cream sandwich with two cookies and a scoop from Snelling.

  4. 4. Nov. 4 - National Donut Day

    Totally worthy of dragging your friends downtown to Zombie Donuts.

  5. 5. Nov. 5 - National Stress Awareness Day

    So do the exact opposite and make the fifth all about relieving some stress. AKA a complete self care day.

  6. 6. Nov. 6 - Men Make Dinner Day

    Definitely a day that everyone should take advantage of in some way or another.

  7. 7. Nov. 7 - Cook Something Bold Day

    Not just another day of cooking a box of macaroni, but preferably something you haven’t had before. Maybe even something daunting.

  8. 8. Nov. 8 - Tongue Twister Day

     Kind of a lame one, but it might be a fun activity to try with your friends.

  9. 9. Nov. 9 - Chaos Never Dies Day

    This holiday is to remind people that chaos is a part of life and will never die. So instead of letting it take control of you, just take the day to let go of the things that cause chaos in your life.

  10. 10. Nov. 10 - Vanilla Cupcake Day

    Another pretty lame one, but works as an excuse to get some cupcakes.

  11. 11. Nov. 11 - National Sundae Day

    Today is the day to go crazy at the ice cream bar: toppings syrups, scoops OH MY!

  12. 12. Nov. 12 - Happy Hour Day

    This isn’t restricted to just bars. Check out coffee shops and other friendly drink places for some good deals!

  13. 13. Nov. 13 - World Kindness Day

    Make someone’s day on the thirteenth. It’ll take less effort than you might think, and the reward will be worth it.

  14. 14. Nov. 14 - National Pickle Day 

    Even if you don’t like pickles, today might be the time to give that a second try.

  15. 15. Nov. 15 - Clean your Refridgerator Day

    No, we didn’t just make this one up to force you to clean.

  16. 16. Nov. 16 - National Fast Food Day

    We can go ahead and say that Nov. 16 can be the universal cheat day. Postmates included.

  17. 17. Nov. 17 - Take a Hike Day

    Whether everything is freezing or melting outside (crazy Georgia weather), today is your day to enjoy the great outdoors.

  18. 18. Nov. 18 - Mickey & Minnie Mouse's Birthday

    Which I’m pretty sure translates to Disney movie marathon day.

  19. 19. Nov. 19 - Have a Bad Day, Day

    Google says you’re supposed to wish people a bad day in your cheeriest voice. It’s supposed to show that bad days are okay too, but it also acts a great way to confuse literally everyone in your life.

  20. 20. Nov. 20 - Universal Children's Day

    Celebrate by making the day of a child in your life. It doesn’t take much to get a kid to smile.

  21. 21.  Nov. 21 - World Hello Day

    To officially participate, you must say hello to at least ten people. And no, texting doesn’t count.

  22. 22. Nov. 22 - Go for a Ride Day

    Whether it be a car, horse or Orbit ride… let your hair down and let go on a ride today.

  23. 23. Nov. 23 - National Adoption Day

    Enjoy today without a lifelong commitment by looking into virtual adoptions/sponsorships to help support endangered species or working animals across the world.

  24. 24. Nov. 24 - Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day

    And we totally recommend you do so by making a TikTok. Or maybe even a talent show in your dorm room. 

  25. 25. Nov. 25 - National Parfait Day

     Might as well have a parfait today just to celebrate.

  26. 26. Nov. 26 - Shopping Reminder Day

    This is your reminder (a month in advance) to not wait till the last minute for your Christmas shopping!

  27. 27. Nov. 27 - National Jukebox Day

    If you don’t happen to have a jukebox lying around, we’re pretty sure all Waffle Houses are forced to have one by law.

  28. 28. Nov. 28 - Thanksgiving (and French Toast Day) 

    Don’t forget to actually celebrate the day’s meaning, which is to appreciate everything you have!

  29. 29. Nov. 29 - Black Friday AND Buy Nothing Day

    A little contradicting but this date is celebrated as both the craziest shopping day of the year and also the day where we are told to buy nothing at all.

  30. 30. Nov. 30 - Stay Home Because You Are Well Day

    Another self-care day to bring the month to a close.